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Waiting for Rahm, SPJ Chapter of the Year, Loving Les & More in our August Newsletter

— “News is really important to a democracy.” Pat Quinn

— “Having an informed citizenry is essential.” Rahm Emanuel

They spoke those words at Newsradio WBBM-FM’s debut. 

Now, if only those words would filter downward. The Chicago Headline Club had a positive meeting with Cook County Freedom of Information Act lawyers, who say they will roll out a new access system in September. CHC has a meeting scheduled at Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office in the near future. (Note that Madigan gets the credit for the stronger Freedom of Information law passed two years ago.) But Rahm Emanuel’s office has not yet responded to our three-month-old request for a meeting. Our access survey earlier this year found journalists have a tough time getting information from Chicago and Cook County. We hope that the new administrations of each will be more open. CHC plans a town hall style meeting at 9:30 a.m. Sat. Sept. 17 at the Downtown campus to discuss access in area government. All are invited. More details later.

Medill Ruling Sept. 7 – An end to the controversy over whether students at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism are journalists could come Sept. 7 when Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Cannon says she will issue a ruling. Attorneys for Medill and the State’s Attorney’s office presented two hours of arguments to the judge Aug. 10. Cannon’s ruling will end two and a half years of strife over whether student records should be provided to prosecutors. Read more in the Sun-Times and Tribune. We hope that a clue to her decision lies in her ruling in a Loyola Phoenix case earlier this summer.

CHC wins national awards – The Society of Professional Journalists has named the Chicago Headline Club  the best large chapter of the year. The chapter will be recognized at the upcoming Excellence in Journalism 2011 conference. The award will be presented during the President’s Installation Banquet on Tues. Sept. 27 at 6:30 p.m. CHC also won three large chapter Circle of Excellence Awards in the areas of First Amendment/FOI, Diversity and Professional Development which will be presented at the SPJ Opening Business Session Sun., Sept. 25 at 1 p.m. Be nice to see a big turnout of CHC members at the conference!

Celebrate Les Brownlee – Join us in remembering this remarkable man and journalism leader Sun. Aug. 21. We’ll eat, drink and be merry at the home Les shared with his wife, Priscilla Ruth MacDougall, at 537 Judson in Evanston. Open house for all friends and colleagues from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. A Columbia College reunion (Les taught there for 20 years) will be from 3 to 6 p.m. Suggested donation: $20. Give $100 and get a free copy of his autobiography. RSVP to Susan S. Stevens

Upcoming programs – Program Vice President Amy Lee is working on a number of very useful programs for the coming “school year.” You will hear more about them later. But if you have ideas, let her know. We want to deliver what YOU want! We would like to please everyone, if at all possible, with the best programming ever. 

Elijah Lovejoy memorial – Anyone who has studied journalism history knows the nameElijah Lovejoy. (He was the Alton editor murdered almost 175 years ago because he editorialized for the end of slavery.) In 1952, the site of his demolished newspaper was declared a Sigma Delta Chi (now SPJ) Historic Landmark. However, the plaque was stolen in the intervening years. A group of Alton residents wants to install a new plaque, with a ceremony planned Nov. 10, 2012 at nearby Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey. We will be helping.

Ethics AdviceLine – is ready and waiting for your call. Got a problem about how to handle a story? Got a problem with your editor or publisher? Dial 866-DILEMMA to discuss your concerns with a professional ethicist. Our service is free to all professional journalists. We have answered more than 900 calls during our decade of operation. For more information, see our website.

Money – If you are in need, think about CHC and SPJ. CHC offers Watchdog Grants funding for investigations that need a little financial boost via the Dreihaus Foundation. If you are sued, SPJ has a Legal Defense Fund.  Then there’s the JobFile, updated by Bob Roberts each week at For your other needs, contact one of us you will find on the website.

Archives – Thanks to John McClelland, we now have in good shape for future Chicago journalism historians Headline Club News 1970-71 and 1983-1990, the Chicago Journalist, its entire print run 1991-2005, and a lot of other historic papers. Our plan is to donate to the Newberry Library.

Membership – Be sure to keep up-to-date (a lot of renewals come up in December so watch for the letter). And encourage your colleagues to join! Direct them to and put them in touch with Membership VP Rumanna Hussain at

Stay in touch – You can find CHC on Facebook and Twitter:!/groups/35037321597/

We also are setting up a listserve. Board member Anna Tarkov will be in charge. 

— Susan S. Stevens

President ex-officio

Board Minutes – 08/2010

Chicago Headline Club

Minutes for Aug. 13, 2010 meeting at Bloomberg News, Chicago

Meeting began at 9:04 a.m.

In attendance: Susan S. Stevens, Randi Belisomo, Kathy Catrambone, Aimee DeBat, Beth Konrad, Hilary Fosdal, Tony Noce, Kristen Schorsch, Ken Davis, Jon Seidel, Brian Pitts, Abdon Pallasch, Steve Edwards

Sue Stevens thanked board members Steve Franklin and Flynn McRoberts, who raised $1,211 at a fundraiser in Rogers Park for unemployed and underemployed journalists. It’s not clear if any journalists have inquired about receiving any money.

The treasurer’s report was approved. The Club has $100,402.60 in assets as of Aug. 12, 2010. Beth encouraged the board to spend some money on programs and education.

Hilary recommended allowing the Peter Lisagor Award entry forms to be uploaded digitally next year on the Club’s Web site. Now journalists only can mail their entry forms or deliver them in person.

The minutes for April, May and June board meetings were approved. Ken Davis made the initial motion, with Jon Seidel making the second.

Programming chairman Ken Davis presented the board with a detailed list of program ideas for the year. Discussion included the Digital Media Training Institute and whether it should be a one-day event with multiple workshops and seminars. Last year the DMTI included Saturday workshops spread out over several months. Beth said she could see the rationale behind having the Institute in one day because that’s how several organizations, such as the Poynter Institute, conduct workshops and conferences.

Beth Konrad talked about the McCormick Foundation grant. The Club is committed to at least one or two focus groups of working journalists to talk about accessibility and transparency issues.

(Steve Edwards arrived at 9:26 a.m.)

The survey will be online. Beth said the McCormick Foundation is looking at the survey as leverage it can use to bring county and city officials, as well as other stakeholders, to the table to sit down with journalists and discuss why journalists have problems with transparency and accessibility issues, like having police credentials for journalists. This survey will be precedent-setting, Beth said.

Beth wants the forum to include Chicago Mayor Daley, Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis, city aldermen, etc. A large forum to discuss the survey results preferably will take place in March.

(Abdon Pallasch arrived at 9:35 a.m.)

Ken Davis and Beth Konrad will keep in touch so that the DMTI and the forum are not booked too closely together. The same goes for an event Suzanne McBride and Steve Franklin are hosting with an SPJ grant they received.

Abdon said he’s still working on this year’s Freedom of Information Act event.

Sue Stevens wants ideas for events in the name of Les Brownlee, the late Chicago journalist and the first African-American journalist inducted in the Society of Professional Journalists. She also reminded the board of Priscilla MacDougall Brownlee’s annual picnic, which is Aug. 15.

Kristen Schorsch recommended creating a scholarship in the name of Les Brownlee, considering the Club has so much in assets.

Sue Stevens suggested partnering with media organizations because we don’t get many calls for scholarship applications. The Club now has two, $2,500 scholarships.

Beth Konrad suggested we network better with three SPJ student chapters at DePaul University, Northwestern University, Loyola University and Columbia College, and make sure they know we have money available for students.

Sue Stevens said she would talk to Priscilla MacDougall Brownlee about creating a minority scholarship.

The board voted to end Burger Nights, which were sparsely attended. Steve Edwards suggested a Burger Night would be a good for a program every now and then, such as reporters discussing the Blagojevich trial once a verdict is reached.

Sue Stevens said the Ethics Advice Line is searching for a new alliance to replace the one with Loyola University and that it needs to be improved with faster response times.

Jon Seidel, chairman of the digital committee, said our Web site, which was hacked, is up and running. The site will be an important tool to market the survey about transparency and accessibility, Beth Konrad said.

Hilary Fosdal explained why the Web site doesn’t look the same or has the same materials as it did before it was hacked. The board allocated $2,000 toward getting the site back up, but a company Hilary spoke to said an estimate could climb up to $10,000 to fix the site. Every piece of content is quarantined, so that means someone has to go through every document and see if it has been corrupted.

A company Hilary spoke to said it would take four weeks and $2,000 to do an initial assessment, yet the company could not provide a time estimate of how long it would take to rebuild the site if we gave them $8,000 more.

Hilary asked for the board to seek out experts who can clean up the site. $800 has gone to Steve Fosdal, Hilary’s husband, to bring the site back up to its current form. That means $1,500 is left (of the $2,000 the board approved).

Beth said our Web site should be interactive since that’s what journalism professors are teaching their students. Sue Stevens said she likes the Web site to be simple and didn’t like the rotator on the main page, which other members said was popular and noted by National SPJ.

The board agreed the immediate goal is to get the previous materials on the site back up. The board is open to approving more money if a vendor is found that can recreate the site.

Executive director Kathy Catrambone distributed expenses for the Peter Lisagor awards dinner in April, adding that “we pulled a miracle this year.” Despite a rocky economy, the Lisagor dinner made a profit of $13,341, compared to $11,199 in 2009. Still, that is lower than the dinner’s peak profit of $24,943 in 2005.

Kathy is concerned that people couldn’t afford to attend the banquet this year. She mailed five or six plaques to winners. Sue Stevens said she’s mailed plaques to winners in years past when the dinner was more profitable.

Kathy suggested shaking up the dinner and program. She’s going to explore different venues, including an office building near Willis Tower, 311 S. Wacker Dr. which has a wintergarden.

Kathy also reported that The Associated Press is looking into going electronic with their contests. We’ll look to the AP to see how it goes.

Board member Kristen McQueary has resigned. The board unanimously appointed WBBM news anchor Felicia Middlebrook to replace McQueary.

Board member Mike Reilly also has resigned. The board unanimously appointed Chicago Sun-Times reporter Rummana Hussein to replace him.

The board discussed whether board member Brandon Copple, who recently left Crain’s Chicago Business for Groupon, has a conflict of interest. Some board members questioned if Copple’s new role is in sales rather than journalism, while others said the expertise of retired and former journalists still is needed. The board deferred on voting on Copple’s status to allow him to provide a job description for his role at Groupon.

Sue Stevens reported that a bylaws committee will be formed to revise the Club’s bylaws.

Hilary Fosdal, who is president-elect and vice president for membership, said our recruitment plans currently include passing out brochures at events and around newsrooms and greeting new members through the mail once they sign up. But the Club routinely has to wait one month before finding out from National SPJ who the new Chicago members are. That means our greeting is a month late, which Hilary said defeats the purpose of a welcome wagon. We also don’t know how accurate National’s records are.

Hilary has created separate lists of current and former members and she wants to use e-blasts to send out emails to those groups separately so we can encourage those whose memberships are expiring to rejoin, etc.

Hilary said she will reach out to other SPJ groups to see how they track members and what recruiting tools they use. She also recommended adding a tagline at the bottom of e-blasts to remind people to join the Club.

Howard Dubin, Sue Stevens and Bob Roberts (JobFile, Illinois News Broadcasters Association) are attending as delegates the 2010 SPJ Convention & National Journalism Conference from October 3-5 in Las Vegas. Beth Konrad is attending too, but she will be going as a faculty advisor for Loyola University Chicago. Hilary Fosdal also will be a delegate.

Tony Noce, chairman of the Watchdog Fund Committee, said Geoff Dougherty, former editor of Chi-Town Daily News and Chicago Current, still has not returned a $5,000 watchdog grant the Club gave him in March 2009. Beth said she has talked to him, and Geoff wrote the Club a letter saying he would use the money at the Chicago Current after the Chi-Town Daily News folded. But both have folded, and now Geoff is an editor at the Chicago Reader. The board decided to write Geoff another letter and also send it to the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation so they know we are keeping watch over grants.

Tony has been speaking to freelance journalist John Conroy about a watchdog grant, as well as keeping up with Steve Rhodes of the Beachwood Reporter about the $3,000 grant we gave him for an investigation.

For a FOIA update, Abdon said police personnel files have been exempt from the state FOIA law. He also will keep abreast of the court case involving Northwestern University’s Innocence Project.

Sue Stevens said the Club provided $100 in baskets for the national Legal Defense Fund auction.

Meeting adjourned at 10:59 a.m.

— Secretary Kristen Schorsch

Addendum from Treasurer Howard Dubin 8-16-10:

The Chicago Headline Club Foundation received a $100 this morning from Dawn Turner Trice and Hannah Trice for our “Scribe Aid” fund.

Board Minutes – 06/2010


Chicago Headline Club board of directors meeting

June 26, 2010

Manny’s Cafeteria and Deli, 1141 S. Jefferson St., Chicago

Start time 9:22 a.m.

In attendance: Susan S. Stevens, Alden Loury, Ken Davis, Kathy Catrambone, George Garties, Howard Dubin, Jon Seidel, Steve Franklin, Suzanne McBride, Aimee DeBat, Hilary Fosdal, Steve Fosdal, Kristen Schorsch, Tony Noce, Randi Belisomo, Brian Pitts, Brandon Copple, Abdon Pallasch, Adrienne Samuels Gibbs

The club unanimously approved giving $5,000 to the Ethics AdviceLine.

Web update per Hilary: Our site crashed after recent hacking. The new Web site went live on June 23 with most of the basic functions of the previous site, including the JobFile and the calendar. We will be able to send e-blasts once again and post news and announcements. The digital media committee will lead further site development. The Club lost $400 to AxisHost because our balance was non-refundable. Our new service provider is BlueHost, which will cost $85 for a year. We need to hire someone to filter our content database and to try to salvage the content from our former site.

The club deferred voting on the May meeting minutes.

The club has about $13,000 remaining from the Driehaus Foundation to support watchdog journalism. Then board approved giving a $3,000 watchdog grant to Steve Rhodes of the Beachwood Reporter for an investigation involving Chicago police. Suzanne McBride abstained from voting.

The club is on track to receive $40,000 for the McCormick Foundation survey about public information access. Beth Konrad has volunteered to oversee the project.

Suzanne McBride reported that a $2,500 national SPJ grant she and Steve Franklin were awarded for the Club will be used for programs this year in Albany Park and Austin to talk to the public about how media covers those communities. The money is expected to pay for rental costs, speaker fees and technical assistance, if needed. Howard Dubin will look into a possible third program on the South Side.

Sue Stevens reported that Chicago police are trying to get an ordinance proposed at City Council about police credentials for the press. 

Sue also reported that public employee reviews could become exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

Steve Franklin updated the Club about various musicians who are expected to play at the July 1 fundraiser at the Heartland Café in Rogers Park for out-of-work journalists. Tickets will cost $10 at the door, $5 for students. The money likely will be distributed in small amounts, such as for a class or equipment. Franklin said this fundraiser also has been done in Detroit and New Orleans.

Board meetings will continue to take place this coming year at 9 a.m. the second Friday of every month. Club members are invited to attend.

Kathy Catrambone provided an update on Lisagor costs. The club made at least $2,500 more than last year, and two news stations still owe us money. Entries were up 12 percent compared to last year.

Meeting concluded at 10:30 a.m.

— Kristen Schorsch

What is the JobFile?


Founded Oct. 13, 1993, the Illinois News Broadcasters Association/Chicago Headline Club JobFile lists job openings and internships in print, on-line and broadcast journalism, public relations and journalism education, focusing on the Midwest.  One need not be an INBA or Headline Club member to list or access openings, which are posted and made available free of charge to all.  If you know of any openings you may e-mail them to Bob Roberts, WBBM Radio, at

All openings Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employers unless noted otherwise.  Listings may be edited for brevity.

Send a cover letter unless the posting indicates otherwise, and assume that materials sent will NOT be returned.  The date at the end of listings indicates the drop date, which may or may not be the same as the deadline.

 Although once available via fax and phone line, JobFile is now available only via the Internet. 

JobFile is edited by Bob Roberts of WBBM-AM (Chicago). Click here to e-mail Bob.

Happy 17th Birthday JobFile!

JobFile began in 1993 as a faxed list of less than a page going to seven clients, all of them university placement offices.  A phone message component was begun soon thereafter. JobFile first appeared on the Web in 1997 and soon supplanted the fax.  The phone line hung on a bit longer but it, too, is long gone.  (The original phone number ended in “LIES.”  Honest.)  


Today, 17 years later, JobFile is distributed to nearly 1,000 subscribers each week, in addition to the Web sites of its partners, the Chicago Headline Club chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Illinois News Broadcasters Association.  It’s pretty much always been a one-person operation, although it’s listed as a “joint project.”  INBA and the Headline Club both have individuals who post the listings online for me (thank you!) and INBA’s Jim Gee has set the weekly e-blast in motion for the past year and a half.   Many people think those individuals are the ones who deserve blame (usually) or credit (occasionally) for doing the work of culling through all of the e-mails and condensing (in most cases) the much longer listings, but that’s still me.  

I can’t guarantee we’ll be here another 17 years, but it’s nice to know people still appreciate a good place to find a job.  We can’t guarantee that they’re all good jobs, but they’re jobs in a business in which there have never been enough positions.  

Times have changed and jobs have changed.  There’s a whole segment of the industry — online delivery — that didn’t even exist when JobFile was teething.  And now it seems that everyone has to be a generalist — write, shoot, edit, design — the works.  Some have even called me an expert, but what I know is what those posting the jobs tell me.

It’s my hope that you have checked out the Web sites of our partners, for they have a lot to offer Midwestern journalists.  Consider membership in both groups, and if you live outside the immediate region, find groups that espouse similar principles.  SPJ and INBA are groups that take defense of the First Amendment seriously.  If there were no First Amendment, you would be looking at a slim list indeed.  

Many thanks.  It’s Saturday as I write this; it’s been a busy week at the INBA and SPJ conventions, which is why this is running a bit late.  And now, as always, I’d like nothing better than to see everyone reading this get a job today.

Bob Roberts
JobFile editor

2005 Lisagor Winners

Chicago Headline Club Honors City’s Best Journalism in Peter Lisagor Awards

CHICAGO, April 21 — The Chicago Headline Club chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has named the winners of its annual Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism.

The Chicago Tribune received 12 honors, including awards to its Sunday magazine, Web site and video production unit. Chicago Public Radio and the Daily Southtown were each presented 5 awards. The Associated Press received 4.

These are the Chicago Headline Club’s 29th annual awards to area journalists. The competition’s categories range from in-depth reporting and photography to business, commentary and feature reporting.

Miami Herald syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. was the featured speaker in the April 21 awards banquet at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza.

The awards are named for Peter Lisagor, late Washington bureau chief of the Chicago Daily News. Reporters and editors from SPJ chapters in Indianapolis, Miami and Seattle reviewed more than 800 entries published or broadcast in 2005. Plaques were presented for 60 reports, chosen for such attributes as enterprise, accuracy, scope, style and impact.

Judges’ comments on all finalists in the contest will be posted at Here are the Lisagor Award winners:

In-depth reporting
— Associated Press, “Cleaning Contracts,” John O’Connor
— Chicago Reporter, “No Sure Thing,” Sarah Karp, Robert VerBruggen and Rupa Shenoy
— Chicago Tribune, “Pipeline to Peril,” Cam Simpson
— Chicago Tribune, “The New Street Hustle,” David Jackson
— Chicago Tribune, “The Oreo, Obesity and Us,” Jeremy Manier, Patricia Callahan and Delroy Alexander
— Chicago Tribune Magazine, “America’s Best Prosecutor? Jury Still Out on U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald,” Kirsten Scharnberg
— Crain’s Chicago Business, “The Billionaire Next Door,” Steven R. Strahler and Steve Daniels
— Daily Southtown, “The Iron Fist of Education,” Linda Lutton and Kati Phillips
— South Shore Community News, “Sex Offenders in the City,” Jeff Kelly Lowenstein
— WBBM Radio, “Chicago’s Vanishing Neighborhood Bar,” Steve Miller
— WBEZ, “Banking the Unbanked,” Lex Gillespie
— WTTW, “Paper Trail: 100 Years of the Chicago Defender,” Barbara E. Allen, Chris Benson, Patricia Lofthouse and Paul Buckner with contributors Gail F. Baker, Ph.D., Joe “Jody” Williams, April Wilson, Evan Allen-Gessesse and Brandon Blu
— WMAQ, “The Voices and Faces Project,” Carol Marin, Don Moseley and Mark Ringo

Deadline Reporting
— Associated Press, “Midway Accident,” Carla K. Johnson, Mike Colias and Charles Rex Arbogast
— Chicago Tribune, Judge Lefkow killings, Staff, Jeff Coen and David Heinzmann
— Daily Southtown, “Runway Runaway,” Staff
— Health Facilities Management, “Katrina’s Wake'” Mike Hrickiewicz and Bob Kehoe
— WBBM-TV, “Farewell to the Pope,” CBS 2 News Team
— WBBM Radio, “Metra Rock Island District Accident,” Staff, Bob Roberts and Bernie Tafoya

— Chicago magazine, “Classic City,” Hector Sanchez
— Chicago Sun-Times, “Sex Offenders in Nursing Homes,” Eric White and Greg Good
— Chicago Tribune, “Crossing Borders,” Chicago Tribune staff and staff
— Crain’s Chicago Business, “Power Families,” Timothy Mollette-Parks
— Daily Herald, “The Champs,” Mike Smith

— Chicago Tribune, “Liberia: Innocence Lost,” Kuni Takahashi, Chicago Tribune staff and staff
— Daily Herald, “Branson Boys – Living with Cerebral Palsy,” Laura Stoecker
— Daily Southtown, “Everybody Loved Him,” Brett Roseman
— Daily Southtown, “Prep Bowl,” Matthew Grotto
— Pioneer Press, “Brother to Brother Kidney Transplant,” Julie Fabiszak
— WGN-TV, “Chalk Talk,” Pam Grimes and Steve Scheuer

— Chicago magazine, “Betting Her Life,” Bryan Smith
— Chicago Reader, “The Godfather of King Drive,” Bob Mehr
— Chicago Tribune, “Stricken Genius,” Howard Reich
— Daily Herald, “Restoring Hope,” Joseph Ryan
— WBEZ, “Architecture Is Music; as in, the Rhythm of a Façade,” Edward Lifson, Tim Samuelson and Jenny Lawton
— WBEZ, “Follow the Money,” Linda Paul, Cate Cahan, Jason Reblando

— Associated Press, “Winning White Sox,” Staff
— Chicago Sun-Times, Katrina reporting, Rick Telander
— Chicago Tribune, “Once-fearsome Boxer in Longest Fight of Life,” Michael Hirsley
— Chicago Tribune Magazine, “If You’ve Never Heard of Shani Davis, You Will,” Philip Hersh
— WLS Radio, “White Sox World Series,” Staff
— WTTW, “The Team that Changed the World,” Teamworks Media staff

— ABA Journal, “Who is a Partner?” Martha Neil
— Associated Press, “Gambling on Casinos,” Ryan Keith and Maura Kelly Lannan
— Chicago Journal, “Taqueria Trinity,” Max Brooks
— Chicago magazine, “Foul Trouble,” Shane Tritsch
— Chicago Reporter, “Final Frontier,” Kimbriell Kelly
— Chicago Sun-Times, “The New Math of Dining Out,” Janet Rausa Fuller and Art Golab
— Chicago Tribune, “Battle for the Skies: the Boeing Story,” Michael Oneal and David Greising
— WBBM-TV, “Bidder Beware,” Pam Zekman, Simone Thiessen and Carolyn Broquet
— WBEZ, “United Pensions,” Catrin Einhorn

— Catalyst Chicago, “Game of Chance Would Do a Better Job,” Veronica Anderson
— Chicago Tribune, “Juvenile Injustice,” Cornelia Grumman
— Crain’s Chicago Business, Roger Schillerstrom
— Daily Southtown, “Emma, of Oak Lawn, Just Wants Her Mail”; “Victims of School Chief Were Really the Children”; “Mail, Money & Miracles at Shelter for Evacuees,” Phil Kadner
— Forest Park Review, “Soliciting Vendors,” “Homerule” and “Subpoenas,” Bill Dwyer
— Slate, “The Dismal Science,” Austan Goolsbee
— WBEZ, “Architecture,” Edward Lifson

Media collaboration
— WBBM-TV and The Naperville Sun, “Good Gifts Gone Bad,” Dave Savini, Michele Youngerman and Kathy Cichon

— WGBO, “Michael’s Challenge,” Alvaro Visiers and Mario Carrasco

Established in 1921, the Chicago Headline Club is the largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Its members work to promote ethical conduct, raise the bar for reporting standards, recognize excellence, encourage young journalists, advance the cause of freedom of information and enhance the prestige of the profession.

The Headline Club also sponsors the Watchdog Award for excellence in public interest reporting, Lifetime Achievement Awards, an annual High School Journalism Contest, the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists (1-866-DILEMMA), the Les Brownlee Journalism Series and the Chicago Headline Club/INBA JobFile.

Join the Chicago Headline Club

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The Headline Club’s annual chapter dues are $10 for students and retirees, $20 for working journalists and $30 for associate members who support our mission.  Please note that CHC members must also be members in good standing with the Society of Professional Journalists. National SPJ dues are $37.50 for students and retirees, $75 for working journalists, and $94 for associate members.


Please contact executive director Aimee DeBat with questions about joining the Club.

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What the SPJ & CHC can do for you:

Freedom of Information

SPJ is a leading provider of freedom of information resources and training for journalists and the public. The Headline Club successfully lobbied for a public access counselor in Illinois, who now serves as ombudsman in all disputes over public records and open meetings.

Defending Your Rights

When the Chicago Police Department proposed fingerprinting all reporters, when the Chicago Transit Authority approved pension benefits for key executives in an unannounced executive session, when the Chicago Park District insisted its volunteers sign a media “gag order,” the Headline Club stepped in and got results.

Legal Help

SPJ is the only journalism advocacy group that maintains a Legal Defense Fund to support individuals and organizations facing First Amendment legal battles. Headline Club members are also entitled to free, local advice on media law and access issues.


Quill magazine is published for members throughout the year. It includes feature articles, industry analysis and writing and reporting advice. SPJ sends a weekly e-newsletter called SPJ Leads. The Headline Club keeps you up to date on our local advocacy efforts and programs with frequent e-newsletters.

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Our annual Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism attract more than 800 nominations in some 61 contests. Our Lifetime Achievement Awards salute Chicago’s most respected journalists. SPJ’s flagship Sigma Delta Chi Awards are complemented by other national First Amendment honors.


SPJ’s annual national convention, regional conferences and local workshops teach new skills, help you refine techniques and connect you to other journalists who share your interests and concerns.


Our JobFile is the Midwest’s most current and comprehensive source of journalism job listings. Our popular brown bag lunches with editors, publishers and newsmakers allow members to make contacts and compare notes with journalists from all disciplines. We list 450 Chicago-area journalists in our membership directory, giving members an opportunity to widen their professional circle.

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We work to inspire and educate the next generation of journalists. Each summer, we award $2,000 scholarships to unpaid editorial interns.

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SPJ’s Code of Ethics is embraced by thousands of writers, editors and other news professionals. From it, we have developed prestigious awards, training programs, the free Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists and other tools to help you identify ethics issues and resolve dilemmas.

Specially-trained staff at Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Ethics and Social Justice listen and respond to your ethics questions. Their goal is not to provide all of the answers or settle every dispute, but to teach journalists how to make clear, defensible decisions.


SPJ provides an open forum for discussion of diversity issues in journalism. The Rainbow Sourcebook is SPJ’s exclusive online database searchable by news topics. There, journalists find qualified experts from demographic groups underrepresented in the news. SPJ’s online Diversity Toolbox offers essays and links to resources that will help you broaden the perspectives and voices in your work.

Other benefits

Other benefits of membership include discounted fees for conferences and awards and discounted rates with national companies offering health insurance, travel services, office products and career development.

Board Minutes – 09/2008

Chicago Headline Club Meeting Minutes
Monday, Sept. 15, 2008
Bloomberg Offices
111 S. Wacker Drive

Attending in person: Dawn Reiss, Steve Walsh, Jane Hirt, Esther Cepeda, Sue Stevens, Kathy Catrambone, Beth Konrad, Tony Noce, Kristen Schorsch, Abdon Pallasch, Deborah Cohen

On phone: Laura Putre, Howard Dubin, Bonnie McGrath, Kristen McQueary, Lisa Donovan

Call to order: Dawn called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.

August minutes: Sue moved to approve August minutes. Seconded by Esther. Board approved minutes.

Membership report: VP of Membership Laura Putre reports that the membership committee met in August. The committee is working on a winter members-only event targeting freelancers that will be centered on speed pitching to editors. There was discussion by the board about making the winter program one to build up our membership base. Laura says the committee needs help to find a space for the event.

Laura also said that the committee suggests instituting contests for members offering a prize to those who recruit the most new members. A suggested prize: a $200 gas card. Laura says the committee is planning on running a membership table at every event. Laura, Beth and Deb will work on ways to capture data for potential members at events.

Other Membership Committee ideas: a holiday party; a burger night in April for graduating seniors to get them to join as professional members; and profiling members on the CHC Web site.

Treasurer’s report: Kathy reported on behalf of Suzanne that we have opted to drop the “404” number because a lot of people are now going online for the JobFile and information about club events.

JobFile: Dawn reported that she asked Bob Roberts to continue to give the Headline Club the JobFile, which he compiles for the Illinois News Broadcasters Assn. Our club has to keep JobFile open to nonmembers because the INBA does the same.

Board vacancies: Dawn says we need to fill Melissa Goh’s position. Most likely we will have to fill Fuzz Hogan’s spot as well. Beth will check will sports broadcasters at both WBBM and Fox.

Lisagors: Niki Dizon and Dawn will co-chair the Lisagor Committee. Steve Walsh agreed that we could have the Lisagor meetings at Bloomberg offices. Kathy went to the Union League club to check out possible rooms. Union League Club seats up to 400.

Convention report: Beth reports that we were represented at our regional meeting – Region 5 – at the national convention in Atlanta. The new regional director, Liz Hansen, requested that CHC host the regional convention this year since it was being moved from Champaign, Ill. Dawn spoke to Liz back in July and requested that CHC not host the regional this year because the club is overhauling its Web site and the Lisagor banquet will be held a few weeks after the regional convention. Liz said SPJ national agreed to host the Region 5 convention in Indianapolis the first weekend in April. Dawn negotiated that the CHC would instead host the regional conference two years from now. After National hosts a regional in Indianapolis in April 2009, Cincinnati-Kentucky chapters will host the following regional, followed by CHC.

Programs report: Beth reported that the Brownlee kickoff at Priscilla MacDougall’s went well. Beth suggested that we work on producing a financial markets program due to the abundance of recession-related news. Beth also is planning that the January program be top editors of the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times talking about the state of journalism. Sue reported that we have gotten a commitment from former Sen. Adlai Stevenson to be the moderator for the First Amendment program on Oct. 23 at the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum.

Reciprocal judging: Dawn says North Central Florida chapter of SPJ has offered to do reciprocal judging with Chicago on our Lisagors. Beth says Philadelphia has also offered.

Internet Committee update: Dawn reports that we have four bids for our site overhaul. The committee, which now includes Esther, Tim and Dawn, will review those bids and talk to Suzanne about the budget.

Burger Night changes: Dawn suggests that we try some other night besides Friday night and change the time to 5:30 to 7:30 so people could come after work. Fuzz has agreed to host the next one, which will be Friday, Oct. 3 at the new time. Then we will switch to Thursdays.

Watchdog funding: Tony has received a new request for Watchdog funding of $6,000. Kristen McQueary agreed to touch base with Driehaus Foundation. Kristen will continue to run point with Dreihaus, helped by Tony, Dawn and Howard.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Cohen



** My Detroit Cable Channel 10 seeks two anchor/reporter-videographers (multimedia journalists) who will gather, write and present Detroit government, city culture, departmental new and information in regularly-scheduled cable and Internet newscasts; must have a love for Detroit, demonstrate a high level of proficiency and experitise in writing and reporting, should have a knowledge of digital editing and uploading, be well-versed in social media such as blogging, social bookmarking and digital communications; must be able to work OT and on short notice. Tape/DVD and resume to R. Love, Detroit Cable Commission, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Av., Suite 526, Detroit, MI 48226. (5/20)


— Ag Day Television, South Bend, IN seeks a host/managing editor who can do strategy and development in addition to on-air work, will be the social network leader for the program, can undertake frequent national and sometimes international travel and can contribute both to the program and Web site, as well as other multimedia initiatives under the Farm Journal umbrella. Tape/DVD and resume to Brian Conrady, VP/GM, Box 1062, South Bend, IN 46624 or e-mail (4/28)

— Openings at the Independent News Network, Davenport, IA: Experienced anchor who will anchor multiple newscasts daily in multiple markets; should have the producing skills and ability to meet multiple deadlines each day. Producer who has experience building and executing a strong newscast; must be a self-starter who can meet multiple deadlines, have a strong work ethic and great writing abilities. Bilingual producer/anchor with at least two years experience who has solid production and writing skills, is fluent in both Spanish and English, and works well under deadline pressure. INN produces local newscasts for client stations around the country. DVD, resume and references to Doug Retherford, ND, INN, 5000 Tremont Av., Building 100, Davenport, IA 52807 or e-mail EOE (5/14)

** ESPN/Charlotte, NC seeks a coordinating producer (Job #236755) with at least seven years live event experience who will be responsible for the creative development ad live event production of multiple sports categories, directing and coordinating the full scope of activities of a large full-time, temporary and/or matrixed staff of producers and other professionals accountable for program development and production; must create new live event concepts, enhance the current program line-up and continuity, direct staff in all aspects of the production of assigned events, direct the design and implementation of innovative graphics, tack and report on production schedules and budgets, oversee and control the flow of production assets, direct the research of sports information, oversee the creation of copy and scripts for live events, oversee and assure the highest journalistic standards, set and assure compliance with the highest levels of professionalism, create and adjust the concepts and content to reach the largest possible number of viewers, assure that important emerging stories and breaking news are identified and followed up and use a high level of mastery of sports knowledge and news judgment to determine the agenda, concepts and content of each assigned event. Apply online at (5/23)


— Openings at CBS-owned WBBM-TV, Chicago: Reporter/anchor (Job #2085BR) with at least five years Top-20 market experience (Chicago preferred) who can enterprise differentiated content, report live and on-tape smoothly, work closely with the producer to create compelling content, write copy and order graphics, participate in editorial meetings, contribute enterprise story ideas, assure that daily production deadlines are met and maintain an unequivocal commitment to accuracy, fairness and ethics; Videographer/editor (Job #2315BR) with five years Top 20 market experience who can operate Sony XSDCAM HD cameras, edit on non-linear equipment, operate microwave and satellite trucks safely, edit on non-linear equipment, bring creativity and imagination to the job of broadcast storytelling, assure that deadlines are met and consistently contribute story ideas.  Per diem newswriter (Job #5014BR) with at least three years experience who can screen and edit both linear and nonlinear video to select relevant and engaging pictures with an eye toward keeping clear and succinct, work closely with videographers in the field on breaking news and special assignments, support quality of the newscast by checking for detail, have good grammatical and spelling skills and have the ability to produce a newscast; familiarity with Chicago a big plus. EOE (5/13)

— Openings at ABC-owned WLS-TV, Chicago: Videographer/live truck technician (Job #231098) with at least five years experience who has good news judgment, can cope with demanding and fast-breaking events, is safety conscious, is able to work all shifts (including overnights, weekends and holidays) and is available to significant OT. Tape/DVD and resume to C.C. Boggiano, news ops. mgr., WLS-TV, 190 N. State St., Chicago, IL 60601 or apply online at EOE (5/5)

— Fox-owned WFLD-TV, Chicago seeks an executive producer with at least five years producing/writing experience and some managerial background who can plan and execute news coverage, can approve scripts and teases, can edit copy and video on deadline, can supervise the staff, can maintain overall editorial responsibility, can coordinate and create content for the station Web site and other digital platforms, can maintain a keen focus on strategies to increase viewer loyalty and ratings, can do event planning, can critique programs, can evaluate and motivate staff, is resourceful and cost-efficient, has strong production and technical skills, performs well under pressure and can fill-in as a producer as needed; complete knowledge of issues pertaining to digital journalism is a must. Tape/DVD and resume to the WFLD-TV HR Dept., 205 N. Michigan Av., Chicago, IL 60601 fax (312) 565-3066 or e-mail No calls. EOE (5/8)

— Univision-owned WGBO-TV, Chicago seeks a part-time producer (Job #03-10) with at least two years experience who can conceive of, writ and prepare stories for broadcast; must be able to prepare teases and headlines, determine newscast content and flow, handle supervisory duties customarily performed by producers, act as a liaison with the technical crew and graphic artists, be well-organized, be fluent in both Spanish and English and able to write in both languages clearly, crisply and concisely under deadline pressure, responding quickly to changes; must be able to work weekends. Tape/DVD and resume to the WGBO-TV HR Dept., 541N. Fairbanks Ct., Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60611, fax (312) 467-5848 or e-mail EOE (5/15)

— Openings at WHBF-TV, Rock Island, IL: Experienced weekend anchor-producer/reporter-videographer (photojournalist) who is sharp and aggressive both behind and in front of the camera, can be a true newsroom leader on weekends, has unique ideas to bring to the table, has a passion to turn ideas into stories and has creative ways to get the job done. Weekend sports anchor/reporter-videographer who with one year experience who can prepare and air a truly local sportscast, not a re-rack of national feeds; coverage includes professional and collegiate teams in both Iowa and Illinois, with attention also paid to HS sports; the station seeks someone looking for a second job and is proficient on Beta SP. DVD/VHS tape and resume to the WHBF-TV HR Dept., 231 18th St., Rock Island, IL 61201. EOE (5/20)

— Openings at WQAD-TV, Moline, IL: Experienced videographer/video editor who can deliver a dynamic product and be willing to go the extra mile to deliver it; must edit in both linear and non-linear formats and have a good eye and ear for story telling; live truck background a plus. Part-time video editor who has he thirst to go an extra mile for a great product. Tape/DVD and resume to Andy McKay, chief photographer, WQAD-TV, 3003 Park 16th St., Moline, IL 61265-6061 or e-mail EOE (5/3)

— Openings at KHQA-TV, Quincy, IL: Weekend anchor/reporter/producer who has an avid curiosity, has a strong broadcasting style, writes well and has great on-camera presence; must be able to anchor the 10 p.m. weekend newscasts. Weekend weather anchor/reporter/producer who is self-motivated, is curious, has a great on-air presence and can report news and weather stories for us over the air and on the Web. VHS tape/DVD and resume to Carol Sowers, ND, 201 S. 36th St., Quincy, IL 62301. EOE (5/5)

— WEEK/WHOI-TV, Peoria, IL seek a part-time weekend weather anchor who has a strong and energetic delivery, is willing to deliver weathercasts over extended periods of breaking weather news, can assist the chief meteorologist, has on-air forecasting experience, has newsroom computer skills, knows the importance of weather to the area and can work with the AccuWeather Galileo and NEXRAD weather systems. DVD and resume to the WEEK-TV HR Dept., 2907 Springfield Rd., E. Peoria, IL 61611 or e-mail EOE (5/12)

— Openings at WMBD/WYZZ-TV, Peoria, IL: Producer who is a strong producer and enhances newscasts through video and graphic showcasing; experience creating stories and video for online use is a plus. GA reporter who is a creative storyteller, generates story ideas daily, works well under deadline pressure, is a good communicator, goes live smoothly and knows Avid non-linear editing and iNews; a strong internship at a local TV station will merit consideration for the job. Tape/DVD and resume to Rick Moll, ND, WMBD/WYZZ-TV, 3131 N. University St., Peoria, IL 61604. EOE (5/13)

** Openings at WCIA-TV, Champaign, IL: GA reporter with two years experience whois a strong writr, can enterprise, can make andmaintainsources and has a positive and professional attitude. Morning producer with 1-2 years experience who has energy, innovation and producing skills, and can put together a morning show that is fresh, useful and compelling; great attitude a must, along with the ability to write well, set up live interviews and remotes, enterprise stories and new segments and contribute to the overall direction of the product. Talented videographer with at least one year commercial television experience whose resume tape will show powerful shooting, crisp editing, compelling story-telling, a third for news and a great attitude; must be ready to work with the chief photographer to take your career to the next level. DVD/VHS tape, resume and a letter that introduces yourself and tells why you would make a good employee to the WCIA-TV HR Dept., 509 S. Neil St., Champaign, IL 61820. No calls. EOE (5/23)

— WICD-TV, Champaign, IL seeks an experienced morning producer (Job #CIL01162) who can determine the composition and flow of the newscast, select video, edit and writ stories, make independent decisions, can handle a tough shift, can create up-to-the-minute morning news, has strong editorial judgment and production skills, can focus well under pressure and possesses good people skills; knowledge of east central Illinois a plus but not a must. Apply online at, then send tape/DVD and resume to Deana Reece, executive ND, WICS/WICD-TV, 2680 E. Cook St., Springfield, IL 62703. No calls. EOE (5/9)

— Openings at WAND-TV, Decatur, IL: Springfield bureau reporter/videographer who is energetic, has a passion for news, is an outstanding writer, goes live smoothly and works well under deadlines. Weekend anchor-producer/reporter-videographer with two years experience who is energetic, has strong leadership skills, is a good writer and can anchor and produce weekend newscasts while reporting during the week. Producer who has a passion for news, has an eye for showcasing and graphic elements and has top-notch writing skills. Sports anchor/reporter-videographer with at least one year experience who is highly-motivated, is well-organized, has a passion for sports and can anchor, produce, write and shoot well. Video editor/videographer who can edit large amounts of video for a fast-paced morning program, is highly motivated, is well-organized and can work overnights, weekends and holidays; may be asked to shoot spot news and other assignments. Tape/DVD and resume to Tai Takahashi, ND, WAND-TV, 904 Southside Dr., Decatur, IL 62521. No calls. EOE (5/3)

— Openings at WICS-TV, Springfield, IL: Sports director (Job #SPR01177) with at least three years experience who shares the philosophy that sports should be local, local, local; must have strong storytelling and videography skills, must produce more than headlines and highlights, will generate local sports feature stories that appeal to all viewers, will shoot and edit stories for both broadcast and the Web, will coach and inspire the rest of the sports staff to do the same, is a great writer, has polished organizational skills, produces results as an on-air performer and has the tape to back it up. Morning anchor/reporter (Job #SPR01175) with at least four years anchoring and reporting experience who is a strong writer, can develop stories, can meet deadlines, works well under pressure, knows how to handle the demands of an early-morning shift, goes live smoothly, has good new media skills and has the ability to impact your audience by showing authority, enthusiasm, credibility and confidence. Director/TD (Job #SPR01179) with at least one year experience who is effective under pressure, can multi-task, works well with others and will oversee master control, video playback, studio camera and other varied duties. Apply online at, then send tape/DVD and resume to Deana Reece, executive ND, WICS/WICD-TV, 2680 E. Cook St., Springfield, IL 62703. No calls. EOE (5/9)

— Openings at WSIL-TV, Carterville, IL: Part-time producer who is dependable, can work independently, has outstanding written and verbal communication skills and can work with staff to assemble daily show line-ups and take responsibility for gathering, writing and stacking stories for various newscasts. Part-time weekend assignment editor who can work Friday-Sunday and set up stories, make beat calls, monitor scanners, generate story ideas write copy, edit video, update the Web site and social media sites and be detail-oriented; familiarity with counties and cities in southern IL, western KY and southeastern MO helpful. Resume to Mike Snuffer, ND, WSIL-TV, 1416 Country Aire Dr., Carterville, IL 62918 or e-mail EOE (5/22)

— WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee, WI seeks a morning executive producer/noon producer with at least three years experience who is a strong writer, has good news judgment, is well-organized, can work closely with others under deadline pressure, knows journalistic standards and libel laws, can implement findings of station research and newsroom managers’ directives, can motivate and delegate, can create and approve show rundowns, can assist with the composition and execution of newscasts, can coordinate graphic elements, can assist with breaking news and can oversee special projects as assigned. Tape/DVD and resume to Diane Irving, AND/Production, WTMJ-TV, 720 E. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53212 or e-mail EOE (5/13)

— WDJT-TV, Milwaukee, WI seeks an anchor/reporter (Job #HR-AR) with at least two years experience anchoring and reporting who has the flexibility to work evenings and early mornings, is a self-starter ,is a strong writer and goes live smoothly. Send tape/DVD and resume to the WDJT-TV HR Dept., 809 S. 60th St., Milwaukee, WI 53214, fax (414) 607-8189 or e-mail EOE (5/23)

— Openings at WISN-TV, Milwaukee, WI: Anchor/reporter who is smart, is engaging, knows how to connect with viewers, thrives on braking news, is not afraid to rollup the sleeves and be a real newsroom leader and should seek to showcase hard news, content that is strong and meaningful and excellent storytelling. Producer with at least two years experience who is a newsroom leader, is high-energy, knows how to create memorable newscasts, has good news judgment, is a good writer, thrives on breaking news, is confident in the control room, works well with staff and can post completed video to the station Web site. Tape/DVD and resume to Bill Siegel, AND, WISN-TV, 759 N. 19th St., Milwaukee, WI 53223 or e-mail No calls. EOE (5/13)

** Openings at WISC-TV, Madison, WI: Dynamic, high-energy sports anchor/reporter-videographer with at least three years experience who will anchor on weekends and cover the Packers, Brewers, Bucks and Badgers during the week; must know sports thoroughly, have enthusiasm to share with viewers, write comprehensively and accurately and be able to bring non-traditional approaches to stories; apply to the WISC-TV HR Dept./Sports. Reporter/videographer for its Rock County bureau in Janesville who can tell compelling stories, can generate great story ideas, can write and edit packages for newscasts, perform on-air taped and live, can post content to the station Web site, magazine and other news products; must live in Rock County and be available to work weekends and evenings; producing experience helpful. DVD, resume and letter stating salary requirements to the WISC-TV HR Dept./Rock County, 7025 Raymond Rd., Madison, WI 53719, fax (608) 278-5568 or e-mail EOE (5/20)

** WKOW-TV, Madison, WI seeks a morning anchor/reporter with at least three years experience who is energetic, greets each day with a smile, is aggressive, is a strong writer, goes live smoothly, has Web and social media skills and has a great team attitude. DVD and resume to Perry Boxx, ND, WKOW-TV, 5727 Tokay Blvd., Madison, WI 53719 or e-mail EOE (5/20)

— Openings at WBAY-TV, Green Bay, WI: Reporter/videographer (videojournalist) with 1-2 years experience who is a compelling storyteller, has good news judgment, can reporter accurately and fairly, is enterprising and self-starting, can work well under deadline pressure, can edit what you shoot and knows both linear and non-linear editing equipment. Producer with at least one year experience who can supervise show layout, script preparation, field producing, graphic production and story research; must display strong news judgment, good writing skills, good video editing skills, work well with others and take charge of newscasts. DVD, resume and references to Tom McCarey, ND, WBAY-TV, 115 S. Jefferson St., Green Bay, WI 54301 or e-mail No calls. (5/3)

— Openings at WGBA-TV, Green Bay, WI: Producer with at least one year experience who can work closely with staff, can help to create compelling editorial and visual content, can oversee production and writing of newscssts, can schedule special reports and cut-ins, can edit video, has strong new judgment, knows control-room operations, makes good decisions and functions well under pressure. Tape and resume to Robert Healey, ND, WGBA-TV, 1391 North Rd., Green Bay, WI 54313 or e-mail (5/13)

— Openings at WKBT-TV, La Crosse, WI: Weather anchor/producer who can handle weekend forecasts on-air and some weekday shifts, knows how to present an interesting weather story on “quiet” days and has the credibility to keep viewers safe and well-informed when severe weather hits; background with Weather Central products is a plus. Creative, hard-working reporter who is a team player and knows how to show and tell great stories. Videographer who can shoot stories with and without a report, edit video and packages, operate a live truck safely and can help maintain newsgathering equipment; hands-on experience preferred. Tape and resume to the WKBT-TV HR Dept., 141 S. Sixth St., La Crosse, WI 54601. No calls. (5/13)

— WEAU-TV, Eau Claire, WI seeks an entry-level producer/videographer-reporter who will enterprise stories, display strong writing skills, a high work ethic, the ability to write and post stories to the station Web site and strong video editing capability. Tape/DVD and resume to the WEAU-TV exec. secretary, Box 47, Eau Claire, WI 54702. (5/9)

— Openings at WJFW-TV, Rhinelander, WI: Morning anchor/reporter who can anchor the morning newscast, do Today Show cut-ins, display solid news judgment, utilize outstanding writing skills, can find and enterprise stories, has a solid on-air presence, has the ability to ad lib smoothly and is a team player; VHS tape/DVD and resume to Heather Schallock, ND. Part-time weekend meteorologist who also will produce weather content for sister station WVII-TV/Bangor, ME and will back up other staff meteorologists; degree in meteorology a must, while on-air experience is preferred, with strong computer and forecasting skills; VHS tape/DVD and resume to Luke Sampe, chief meteorologist, WJFW-TV, 3217 County Rd. G, Box 858, Rhinelander, WI 54501. No calls. (5/20)

— Openings at WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN: Dynamic, aggressive reporter/videographer (multiplatform journalist) who can use live locations to tell strong stories and connect with viewers, believes in active storytelling, understands delivery of content to the Web is one of the most important pieces of a day’s work, can break stories, can make and work sources, can write well and can shoot and edit video and packages. Sports reporter/videographer who can shoot, write, edit, produce and land big interviews that make the competition jealous; should understand that work on the Web is just as important as work over the air. Tape and resume to Patti McGettigan, ND, WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN 46207 or e-mail No calls. (5/13)

** WRTV, Indianapolis, IN seeks a reporter/anchor with at least three years experience reporting and anchoring who can enterprise lead stories, develop sources using traditional and non-traditional (social networking) methods, deliver dynamic live shots, use transparent storytelling methods and break stories on digital platforms, working all shift, including holidays. Apply online at (5/19)

— WTHR-TV, Indianapolis, IN seeks a GA reporter (Job #300LC) with at least two years experience for its morning show who can go live daily and cover GA news, showing solid presentation and enthusiasm and can work the early shift anywhere, with a flexible schedule that can include weekends; must show a familiarity with Indiana. Apply online at EOE (5/2)

— Openings at WXIN/WTTV, Indianapolis, IN: Anchor/reporter with at least five years experience who can contribute story ideas, make and maintain sources, work well with producers and other staff and go live from the field as needed. Meteorologist/reporter with at least three years experience who will prepare graphics for weekend morning casts, producer and deliver forecasts, co-anchor portions of weekend morning newscasts, fill-in as an a weather anchor on other shifts, provide severe weather coverage and report news when not otherwise occupied; must do continuous updates on social media sites, while background with Weather Central systems and an AMS seal are pluses. Two videographers, each with at least two years experience, who can work with or without a reporter, post and upload material to the station Web site (including raw and original content) and consistently generate news stories; must update social media outlets and be proficient with live truck operations, FinalCut Pro or other non-linear editing. Morning show video editor who knows FinalCut Pro, can creatively select appropriate video for air, can post material to the station Web site, has plenty of story ideas, can update social media sites and can file and archive video; videography skills a plus. Reporter with at least three years experience who can enterprise stories, submit ideas that stand out, make and maintain sources, be an effective writer, maintain good organizational skills, go live smoothly from the field or the set and can shoot stories if needed. Producer who can work with the EP and the assignment desk to maximize daily resources, can post content and social media updates, can edit video and can train and oversee associate producers. Writer who has effective writing skills is well-organized, communicates well, is well-informed on current affairs, can post content to the station Web site, can update station social media sites and can fill-in as a producer as needed. Freelance assignment editor who can make sure newsworthy stories are covered, can participate in editorial meetings, can monitor scanners, can check police and fire beats at least three times a shift, can assign crews, can keep the EP and line producer informed as how stories are developing, can arrange video feeds, can provide reporters background materials, can update social networking sites with breaking news and can answer phones. Morning director/TD who will direct and TD morning news using a Ross Overdrive switchers and will assist with pre-show prep and post-show promotions; background with Chyron and ENPS big pluses. Tape, resume and letter stating salary requirements to the WXIN/WTTV HR Dept., 6910 Network Pl., Indianapolis, IN 46278. (5/9)

— Openings at WSBT-TV, South Bend, IN: Morning producer with at least one year experience, preferably on a morning show; must be a great organizer, a good writer and communicator and have an eye on advancement. Tape/DVD and resume to Rhonda Malone, HR coordinator, WSBT-TV, 1301 E. Douglas Rd., Mishawaka, IN 46545., fax (574) 288-6630 or e-mail No calls. (5/22)

— WNDU-TV, South Bend, IN seeks a reporter/videographer (Job #10-01) with at least one year experience who is a great storyteller, is a superb writer, can edit what you shoot, and won’t wait for stories to be handed to you. Tape/DVD and resume to the WNDU-TV HR Dept., Box 1616, South Bend, IN 46634 or e-mail (5/13)

** WBND-TV, South Bend, IN seeks a reporter/videographer (Job HR-VJ) with at least two years experience who is an excellent storyteller, can originate and research stories, writes well, and works well with people in a high-pressure environment; may have to work early mornings or late nights; the ideal candidate always has a great attitude and can work with minimal supervision. Tape/DVD and resume c/o the WDJT-TV HR Dept., 809 S. 60th St., Milwaukee, WI 53214, fax (414) 607-8189 or e-mail EOE (5/23)

— Openings at WSJV-TV, South Bend/Elkhart, IN: News and sports reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) who can turn out material for use over the air, online and for mobile use; should have exceptional tools to use to make this happen with immediacy and accuracy; will sometimes do news and sports stories on the same day. Part-time reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) with the same abilities. Tape/DVD and resume to Ed Kral, station mgr./ND, WSJV-TV, 58096 County Rd. #7, South Elkhart, IN 46517. (5/5)

— Openings at WISE/WPTA-TV, Ft. Wayne, IN: Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist – Job #061) who has experience using state-of-the-art digital newsgathering technologies to shoot, edit and report a cross section of stories for deadline broadcasts and across multiple platforms. Producer (Job #010) who can develop and research stories for coverage, can edit and organize visual and verbal content, can produce both newscasts and specials, can edit video on non-linear equipment for use over the air and on the Web, can write for and post stories and video to the Web site and can operate state-of-the-art digital news-gathering equipment and software. Tape/DVD and resume to Deborah Sand, HR Dept., WISE/WPTA-TV, Box 2121, Ft. Wayne, IN 46801 or e-mail (5/2)

— WANE-TV, Ft. Wayne, IN seeks a reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) who can work independently in the field to break news, shoot news, write news and edit news that can be hustled on the air and distributed on the Web and mobile platforms as best serves viewers; must be a good shooter, an aggressive thinker, come to the morning meeting with story ideas, understands how people consume information and has live field reporting experience. Tape/DVD, resume and references to Ted Linn, ND, WANE-TV, 2915 W. State Blvd., Ft. Wayne, IN 56808. (5/15)

** Openings at WLFI-TV, Lafayette, IN: Morning producer who will create content for its 5-7 a.m. newscast, can write local and national stories, can edit video, can post information to the station Web site, can make solid decisions in breaking news situations and is always well-organized; hands-on internship background counts; DVD and resume to Jeff Smith, AND. Morning anchor/reporter-videographer with at least two years experience who has a strong camera presence, good delivery, clear enunciation, strong reporting skills, the ability to develop local contacts, the ability to shoot and edit video, and good use of sound and video in stories; must write and edit for broadcast and the Web; DVD and resume to Chris Morisse, ND. Reporter//videographer (multiplatform journalist) who understands how to develop local contacts and generate community news, is able to get compelling video and interviews, can write clearly, can voice and edit stories, can post to the Web and can use a DV camera with hard-drive, non-linear editing, laptop computer and other digitaal news-gathering equipment; DVD and resume to Chris Morisse, ND. Entry-level videographer/editor/live truck operator who wants to learn the craft and has some background shooting on DV cameras and non-linear editing; the station practices the NPPA approach to videography and will teach the successful candidate; DVD and resume to Chris Morisse, ND, WLFI-TV, 2605 Yeager Rd., W. Lafayette, IN 47906. EOE (5/22)

— WTIU-TV/WFIU-FM, Bloomington, IN seek a news bureau manager (Position #00032676) with at least three years experience managing a multi-platform newsroom and producing daily news and information programming, who will direct and coordinate a multi-platform news operation that includes public radio, public television and a combined online news entity; can serve as liaison between the WTIU/WFIU news bureau and national and state public broadcasting entities; can instruct staff in news legal and ethical journalistic standards, multi-platform digital newsgathering and reporting techniques; supp[orts and contributes to the station’s missions of serving the public with a news service that reflects PBS/NPR standards and practices; must oversee a full-time staff of five, three part-timers and several unpaid interns, drawing heavily on students from the Indiana University School of Journalism; must be able to move the department to a multi-platform approach to newsgathering and a growing online news service, with basic weather and emergency broadcast service provided both on-air and online; a bachelor’s degree, strong organizational skills, experience scheduling staff and resources, the ability to produce quality work in a deadline-driven environment and familiarity with NPR and PBS-style news reporting are musts, along with an understanding of regional issues, local and/or regional news directors, the structure of universities and/or other entities of higher education and state news networks. Apply online at with resume and contact information for four references. (5/9)

— WFIE-TV, Evansville, IN seeks a news content specialist who knows how to produce a TV newscast, is detail oriented, can work a flexible schedule that includes weekends, evenings, holidays and overnights, and can post material to the station Web site. Resume to Maria Hillenbrand, HR Dept., WFIE-TV, Box 1414, Evansville, IN 47701, fax (812) 426-1945 or e-mail No calls. EOE (5/12)

— WEHT-TV, Evansville, IN seeks an experienced reporter/videographer who can generate stories, can produce stories that are compelling and relevant and has non-linear editing and computer skills. Producer/reporter-videographer who can do it all, producing the 9 p.m. RTV25 subchannel newscast. Morning co-anchor/reporter who will take the extra steps needed to assure that viewers are more aware and informed, and can work well with the co-anchor. Tape/DVD and resume to Mark Glover, ND, WEHT-TV, Box 25, Evansville, IN 57701 or e-mail EOE (5/2)

— WOI-TV, Des Moines, IA seeks a producer who is a hard worker, has the gift of imagination, is not afraid to use it, wants to serve the viewer, can format and write scripts, can edit scripts and video, is more than just a stacker and can put together fast-paced newscasts nightly; Web posting, editing and management experience is a big plus. Tape, resume and letter stating that you saw the opening in JobFile to the WOI-TV business mgr., 3903 Westown Pkwy., West Des Moines, IA 50266 or e-mail (4/20)

** KCCI-TV, Des Moines, IA seeks an experienced morning anchor/reporter who is a proven anchor, is a strong storyteller, has a good on-camera presence and is a newsroom leader. Tape/DVD and resume to Dave Busiek, ND, KCCI-TV, 888 Ninth St., Des Moines, IA 50309. (5/20)

— Openings at KWQC-TV, Davenport, IA: GA reporter/videographer with at least three years experience who can develop contacts, enterprise hard news stories, respond well to breaking and spot news, has outstanding writing ability, is creative, can make good use of graphics and production equipment and goes live smoothly. DVD/VHS tape, resume and letter mentioning that you saw the opening in the JobFile to Denise Killian, ND, c/o the KWQC-TV EEO Office/News, 805 Brady St., Davenport, IA 52803 or e-mail EOE (5/29)

— Openings at KGAN/KFXA-TV, Cedar Rapids, IA: Sports reporter/videographer (Job# CED01167) who knows how to write, can report sporting events live, can win the big story every day, knows how to generate sources and can bring lead stories to the table daily; smooth live shot skills a plus. Reporter/videographer (Job #CED01154) who is a go-getter, knows how to write, goes live smoothly, can win the big story every day, knows how to generate news-producing sources, brings lead story ideas to the table daily, is hungry for hard news, loves great storytelling and always tries to make a difference; hours may includes nights and weekends, as well as non-standard shifts. Morning director/TD (Job #CED01173) who will create graphics using Photoshop for newscasts, has exceptional leadership and organizational skills, works well under deadline pressure, can multitask, keeps a professional attitude and can work 3 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 3-9 a.m. on Fridays. Apply online at and then submit DVD/VHS tape of both anchoring and reporting, with resume, to April Samp, ND, KGAN/KFXA-TV, Box 3131, 600-02 Old Marion Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406 and place the job title on the cover of the mailer. No calls. (5/9)

— KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids, IA seeks an experienced, creative and enthusiastic videographer to work with a reporter in its Dubuque bureau; must be a self-starter, bring in story ideas from the community, have good news judgment, be adept at covering HS and collegiate sports, able to run ENG and satellite trucks, able to shoot some still images, able to write captions and able to help take the station and its newspaper affiliate into the next era of news. Work samples and resume to the KCRG HR Dept., Box 511, 500 Third Av. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406 or e-mail EOE (5/22)

** Openings at KIMT-TV, Mason City, IA: Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) who wants the top story each day, can research and enterprise story ideas, can check beats, can make and maintain contacts, can work in a bureau environment, can shoot on DVCPro while editing on non-linear equipment; must have good writing skills, ad lib smoothly and be able to shoot, write and edit material for the Web daily; live truck experience a plus. Weekend sports anchor/reporter-videographer who will cover several Division I programs and several professional teams; must have strong shooting, writing, editing (linear and non-linear) and presentation skills. Morning/midday meteorologist who can develop accurate forecasts, create graphics and strong weather stories, deliver weather talks in public and be able to conduct weather-related live shots; must be able to shoot and edit weather-related stories; meteorology degree and seals a must. DVD and resume to the KIMT-TV business office coordinator, Box 620, Mason City, IA 50402-0620 or e-mail (5/21)

** Openings at KWWL-TV, Waterloo, IA: Videographer/editor who can gather content for use over the air, online and for mobile platforms as well as social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) who thinks, eats and drinks news, can operate a live truck, knows non-linear editing and can produce content for use over the air, online, for mobile platforms and for social media sites. Morning/noon anchor/reporter (senior journalist) with on-air experience whose responsibilities will include anchoring, reporting, videography, non-linear editing and production of content for use over the air, online, on mobile platforms and on social media sites such was Twitter and Facebook; should “eat and drink the news,” work well with others, lead by example and not be afraid of hard work. Wekend anchor/reporter (senior journalist) with the same skills. Tape/DVD and resume to Nate Leding, ND, KWWL-TV, 500 E. Fourth St., Waterloo, IA 50703, call (319) 291-1207 or e-mail (5/23)

— Openings at KCAU-TV, Sioux City, IA: Weekend anchor-producer/reporter-videographer who has great news judgment, crisp writing and strong production values. Videographer/reporter who is eager to learn, has a good attitude, can edit video and is a team player; fluency in Spanish and English is a plus. DVD and resume to the KCAU-TVHR Dept., 625 Douglas St., Sioux City, IA 51101 or e-mail (5/13)

— Openings at KMOV-TV, St. Louis, MO: Sports reporter/videographer (backpack journalist) with at least one year experience who can present stories in live newcasts, online and on mobile platforms, handling all aspects of producing sports, including the collection of information, writing of stories, editing and shooting of video, appearing on-air, working under tight deadlines and exhibiting good writing skills; must be assertive; apply to Sean McLaughlin, ND, or e-mail Reporter/videographer (backpack journalist) with at least three years experience for its “Great Day St. Louis” lifestyle/entertainment program who can generate ideas, develop stories and segments, can shoot and write segments, can edit video, and can appear on camera as needed; DVD and resume to Erin Cansler, EP. Producer for its one-hour daily “Great Day St. Louis program who can produce show segments and full-length programs, come up with story ideas, write and present relevant material, book guests, assist in setting up shoots and contribute ideas. DVD and resume to Erin Cansler, EP, KMOV-TV, 1 Memorial Dr., St. Louis, MO 63102, fax (314) 444-6393 or e-mail EOE (5/23)

— KTVI/KPLR-TV, St. Louis, MO seek an anchor/reporter with five years experience who can anchor and report daily, do smooth live shots, contribute story ideas daily, know production techniques, meet deadlines pressures well and have thorough knowledge of current events and government, police and other agency procedures; must be able to post to the Web, Facebook and social media sites. DVD/tape and resume to the KTVI/KPLR-TV HR Dept., 2250 Ball Dr., St. Louis, MO 63146 or e-mail EOE (5/5)

** Openings at KCTV, Kansas City, MO: Producer (Job #KCTV 1204) with 1-2 years experience who can work with staff to craft, coordinate, execute newscasts while providing editorial and production direction to associate producers and crews regarding content, coordination and newscast execution; must be able to edit video; apply online at Anchor/reporter (Job #KCTV1360) who will develop, write and report daily stories both live and on tape, can coordinate the assignment desk and can gather and package information about specific news topics to the viewing audience; must understand the legal and ethical issues impacting journalism, have advanced knowledge of the locale and its governing bodies, show strong initiative and the motivation to create stories; having the ability to shoot and edit video a big plus; apply online at Sportscaster (Job #KCTV1228) with at least three years print or broadcast experience who can gather, package and broker information, can shoot and edit stories, can show strong initiative and self-motivation, can balance between planning ahead and getting results and can display advanced knowledge of the locale, demographics and figures; should also be able to do news reporting if needed; apply online at (5/22)

— Openings at KSHB-TV, Kansas City, MO: Assistant news director (Job #1707) with at least five years managerial experience who can take responsibility for gathering, producing and distributing news content on multiple platforms; will create tactics and strategies to improve demographic performance, will lead coverage planning of major events such as elections and special events; will evaluate workflow efficiencies, will do hiring and performance audits, can edit and postscripts for multiple platform use and will edit copy as needed; apply online at Assignment editor (Job #2030) who can plan coverage, assign crews, make calls to news sources, assist in finding stories, conduct research, write and post content to the Web and display good news judgment. Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist – Job #1652) with 2-5 years experience who can research, write, capture video and edit stories for use on multiple platforms; must evaluate news leaders and tips to develop story ideas, gather and verify information, organize material, determine emphasis, shoot both video and still photos, go live smoothly, write and produce quality stories for multiple platforms, work cooperatively with assigned photographers (when available), assist the producer, assist online staff in preparing stories for other platforms, edit video and package on FinalCut Pro or similar equipment, display good knowledge of AP style and show proficiency in posting content to various Web sites; tape/DVD and resume to Peggy Phillip, ND, KSHB-TV, 4720 Oak St., Kansas City, MO 64112 or apply online at (5/23)

— Openings at Fox-owned WDAF-TV, Kansas City, MO: Weekend anchor/reporter with at least two years experience who can fill-in anchor on other newscasts, can make and maintain sources, can manage tasks and resources necessary to complete assignments without assistance or direct supervision and be able to relate well with the audience and co-workers; DVD/tape and resume to Bryan McGruder, VP/News. Assignment editor who can gather information by phone, e-mail, from scanner traffic and from personal contacts; must have strong news judgment, understand crew logistics, work well under stress and deadlines, can make multiple split-second decisions accurately, make beat checks, assign stories, get new details, find stories for daily and future use, and provide information and resources as needed. DVD/tape and resume to Bryan McGruder, VP/News. Videgrapher with at least two years experience who can operate and troublehsoot JVC HD cameras, edit on linear and non-linear systems, is self-starting, can work unsupervised yet remain detail-oriented, can work calmly in a busy and stressful environment, can meet deadlines, knows lighting and audio and has basic PC skill; FinalCut Pro, Sony linear and Avid non-linear background a plus; DVD and resume to Fritz Kramer, chief photojournalist, WDAF-TV, 3030 Summit, Kansas City, MO 64108. No calls. (5/9)

— KMIZ/KQFX-TV, Columbia, MO seeks a producer who can create and organize nightly newscasts, can update the station Web site, is a good writer, can work in a research-driven news department, can emphasize making and maintaining sources, can enterprise and break stories, has a commitment to strong writing and tape editing, is well-organized, works well under pressure, meets deadlines and has good news judgment; experience preferred. Tape/DVD and resume to Curtis Varns, ND, KMIZ/KQFX-TV, 501 Business Loop 70 East, Columbia, MO 65201. (5/16)

** Openings at KRCG-TV, Jefferson City, MO: Morning producer who is inquisitive and self-directed, can gather news in a fast-paced and competitive environment, can show viewers how the news team goes the extra step by holding officials accountable, is patient and even-tempered, has strong communications skills, can meet tight deadlines and make last-minute changes smoothly and can edit video; the ability to shoot video and background with Avid and iNews are pluses. Assignment editor/videographer who can also produce a newscast, can edit video, is inquisitive and self-directed, can gather news in a fast-paced and competitive manner, is a good writer, has good people skills, has great news judgment, has an even temper, is a strong communicator, can multitask and can work under the pressure of tight deadlines and last-minute changes. DVD/tape, resume, references and writing samples to Ladd Egan, ND, KRCG-TV,10188 Old Hwy. 54 North, New Bloomfield, MO 65063. (5/23)

— KTVO, Kirksville, MO seeks an anchor-producer/reporter-videographer who is analytical, is well-organized, can assemble news stories with minimal direction, has a broad understanding of government and social issues, can produce a clear and understandable newscast, can cover assigned beats, can maintain related news files; must be able to report on a wide variety of stories. Tape/DVD and resume to Marlene Speas, ND, KTVO, Box 949, Kirksville MO 63501 or e-mail No calls. (5/5)

— KQTV, St. Joseph, MO seeks a sports anchor/reporter who can cover HS, collegiate and professional sports; must be a strong writer, a motivated “go-getter,” can find stories that go beyond scores and highlights and has some producing background. Tape/DVD and resume to Bridget Blevins, ND< KQTV, Box 8369, St. Joseph, MO 64508 or e-mail EOE (5/16)

** Openings at WHAS-TV, Louisville, KY: Assistant news director with at least two years managerial or EP background in a mid-to-major market who can take responsibility for assisting the executive ND with all news content on all platforms, can do short- and long-term planning, can assist with special projects and budgeting, has proven leadership skills, can manage a large staff and can meet daily deadlines. Reporter/anchor with at least two years reporting experience in a mid-to-major market who can gather and write news, deliver events n a concise and accurate manner, develop sources in GA and specialty areas, react quickly to breaking news, interact productively and positively and exhibit strong communications skills. Tape/DVD, resume and letter that includes salary requirements to Mark Neerman, executive ND, WHAS-TV, 520 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, KY 40202 or e-mail (5/21)

— Openings at WAVE-TV, Louisville, KY: News director with 3-5 years news management experience who is aggressive and competitive, can empower the staff to be their very best and never settle for less, can cultivate talent throughout the station, has a creative vision that will dominate local coverage, enhance the station brand of Getting Results and separate WAVE-TV from the pack; must take ownership of breaking news, inspire in-depth investigative reporting and showcase the market’s best meteorologists; tape of current newscast and resume to the WAVE-TV personnel dept. Executive producer with at least three years experience who will be commander of daily newscasts, can make sure vision and philosophy are executed on all platforms while adhering to the station’s brand, is a creative thinker, can enterprise beyond the news of the day, can command aggressive breaking news and weather coverage and has management background. Creative, aggressive morning anchor/reporter-videographer with at least two years medium- to large-market experience who can develop, write and appear in special reports, contribute original Web content daily, have a strong on-air presence, be a good writer, have the ability to deliver content that engages the viewer, wants to hold the powerful accountable, will advocate for the viewer and can deliver content driven by community issues; DVBD/VHS tape and resume to Steve York, AND, WAVE-TV, 725 S. Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40203. (5/16)

— Openings at WLKY-TV, Louisville, KY: Morning executive producer with at least five years live producing experience who is an aggressive coverage leader, has good news judgment, can showcase compelling cotent and believes in the Live, local, late-breaking” philosophy. Reporter with at least two years experience who is dynamic, competition, believes in the “Live, Local, Late-Breaking” philosophy of the station and can deliver it on all platforms. Producer with at least two years experience who has great news judgment, is creative and proficient, works well under pressure and can both lead and be a member of he team. Part-time on-camera traffic reporter who has done the job in the past, can multitask in a fast-paced environment, has a working knowledge of computer mapping software, can work the morning drive shift and knows the Louisville metro area and roadways. Videographer with at least two years experience who can shoot compelling video for a fast-paced newscast, can meet deadlines under pressure, can edit what you shoot and is creative about it. Tape and resume to Mike Neelly, ND, WLKY-TV, 1918 Mellwood Av., Louisville, KY 40206. No calls. (5/13)

** Openings at WDRB-TV, Louisville, KY: Morning associate producer who can write stories, work with producers and generate a fast-paced and informative newscast. Resume to Barry Fulmer, ND, WDRB-TV, 624 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville, KY 40203 or e-mail (5/22)

— Openings at WBKO-TV, Bowling Green, KY: Part-time weekend weather anchor who can prepare and anchor weathercasts, maintain news and weather on the station Web site, is well-informed on current events and has a good on-air presence; background with Weather Central systems and coursework in meteorology preferred. Part-time reporter-videographer/associate producer who will turn out high-quality stories under deadline pressure, will go the distance to get stories and deliver them in compelling manner, has good news judgment, writes well, has good storytelling skills, is energetic, is people-oriented and is a good communicator; must also assist producers and the assignment desk. Part-time video journalist who is highly-motivated and has talent, knowledge and determination. DVD/VHS tape and resume to the WBKO-TV HR Dept., Box 13000, Bowling Green, KY 42102. No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WYMT-TV, Hazard, KY: Producer who is not a show-stacker but is a creative storyteller, lives and dies by the fundamentals of solid journalism, writes journalistically-sound copy, has a positive attitude, performs multiple tasks efficiently and quickly and embraces multi-platform journalism. Tape/DVD, resume and letter stating news philosophy to Neil Middleton, VP/News, WYMT-TV, Box 1299, Hazard, KY 41702. No calls. (5/22)

— Openings at WKYT-TV, Lexington, KY: Dynamic producer who is a strong writer, knows the difference between producing a show and stacking it, can utilize tools ranging from a chopper to multiple live trucks and can put all the ingredients together into a fast-paced and dynamic show. Tape and resume to Robert Thomas, WKYT-TV, Box 55037, Lexington, KY 40555-5037 or e-mail (5/22)

— Openings at WPSD-TV, Paducah, KY: Part-time associate producer who can research, write, edit and gather material on local, regional and national news stories; must assist in preparation of news graphics, must have good writing, grammatical and punctuation skills, must be able to react to changing news and programming situations and know basic computer operations; video editing background preferred. Tape/DVD and resume to Dwayne Stice, WPSD-TV, Box 1197, Paducah, KY 42002-1197 or e-mail EOE (5/23)

** Openings at Fox-owned KMSP/WFTC-TV, Minneapolis, MN: Assignment editor with at least two years major market experience who is an aggressive news hound, can gather story ideas by phone/fax/e-mail/Internet, can monitor scanners and other sources for breaking news, can dispatch news crews to breaking stories, can develop sources who can be contacted during breaking news situations and has the skills to advance a story beyond the basics; must thrive in busy and sometimes chaotic environments. Producer with at least 2-3 years experience who is a great writer, can craft a newscast that makes full use of innovative production elements, has solid decision making skills, is a creative thinker and can take responsibility for editorial content, writing, presentation, graphics, and production; should have strong news judgment and a creative flair for effective storytelling. Part-time associate producer/writer who can find video, craft graphics, choose sound bites, has strong news judgment, has a creative fair for production, is an effective storyteller and can be trained in productionof newscasts. Tape/DVD and resume to the KMSP/WFTC-TV HR Dept., 11358 Viking Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344, fax (952) 944-8296 or e-mail (5/23)

— Openings at CBS-owned WCCO-TV, Minneapolis, MN: GA reporter (Job #5060BR) with at least two years experience who can develop and deliver ideas for stories that can lead newscasts, can enterprise in pursuit and production of news reports, is results-oriented and curious, is committed to teamwork and can do original research, investigating, writing, narration, production and presentation of stories;Videographer (Job #4571BR) with at least 2-5 years experience who can shoot news and sports stories in a manner that is creative and clear, set up lighting and audio as the situation dictates, edit daily stories under deadline pressure using non-linear systems, operate live trucks, maintain assigned equipment in good working order, meet deadlines and be able to learn new technologies for newsgathering; should be proficient in Sony EX-3, DVCPro and/or Betacam. (5/13)

— Openings at KSTP-TV, St. Paul, MN: Videographer/editor (Job #35-10) with at least two years experience who can work well alongside a reporter or alone, is reliable, can work extended hours when needed, can meet deadlines, can edit stories with steady and sequenced video and clean audio, can shoot news and sports as well as weather stories, knows Avid and FinalCut Pro, can operate a live truck safely and is proficient with tape decks and editing equipment; NPPA workshop background a huge plus. Producer (Job #23-10) who can write newscasts, has sound news judgment and production skills, knows current events at all levels, is a good researcher and can handle deadlines and pressure; background with video editing and graphics essential, while producing or reporting experience is a must. Tape/DVD and resume to the KSTP-TV HR Dept., 3415 University Av., St. Paul, MN 55114, fax (651) 642-4314 or e-mail No calls. (5/15)

— KARE-TV, Minneapolis, MN seeks a multimedia entertainment reporter who is well-versed in all aspects of pop culture targeting the 25-34 year old audience, including local restaurants, bars, clubs, music and entertainment events in the Twin Cities; must be comfortable and engaging on-camera and skilled in shooting, editing, writing and delivering daily fun; must be able to work nights and weekends and be able to fill in as a GA news reporter as needed, and experience with databases and html is helpful. Tape/DVD/online link, resume and letter stating salary requirements to Laura Thompson, Metromix mgr., KARE-TV, 8811 Olson Memorial Hwy., Minneapolis, MN 55427, fax (763) 546-0338 or e-mail No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at KAAL-TV, Austin, MN: Rochester bureau reporter /videographer (Job #5-10) who is passionate about uncovering news, knows issues and newsmakers and knows current events in such a way to report stories that are accurate, clear, complex and relevant; must think quickly, must respond well to breaking news in high-pressure situations, must go live smoothly and must be flexible enough to work an assigned shift. Assignment editor/content manager (Job #4-10) who will coordinate daily assignments and execution of stories on all platforms, maintain files and resource materials, plan ongoing and future coverage, will generate and confirm stories for broadcast, will write stories and edit video, will monitor phones, scanners, wires, video feeds and other sources to assure that the newsroom is aware of and on top of stories and breaking news; must produce newscasts as needed. Resume to the KAAL-TV HR Dept., 1701 10th Pl. NE, Austin, MN 55912, fax (507) 437-7815 or e-mail No calls. (5/6)

— KBJR-TV, Duluth, MN seeks a reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) for its Iron Range bureau in Hibbing who can think quickly, can prioritize stories in line with the station philosophy, can bring ideas to the table and can write copy for Web and mobile platform stories; may be called upon to anchor or produce news programming. DVD and resume to the KBJR-TV HR Dept.,,246 S. Lake Av., Duluth, MN 55802 or e-mail No calls. (5/7)

— Openings at WDIO-TV, Duluth, MN: Sports anchor/reporter-videographer (Job #3-10) who will report on local sports and athletic teams, cover pro teams such as the Vikings and Packers, will anchor and produce weekend sportscasts, will work with the sports director to plan coverage, will shoot stories, will write and post stories to the station Web site, is a strong writer and should have a passion for sports at all levels as well as hunting and other outdoor recreation activities; must have good ad-lib abilities, strong live skills, solid videography and editing skills and be able to produce a sportscast. Anchor/reporter (Job #2-10) for its two-hour morning show and updates; must assist the morning producer with writing and rundowns, generate creative ideas for the newscast, generate and report stories, show an interest in hard news, be knowledgeable about current events on all levels, have good reporting skills, be able to write clearly every day and make complicated material understandable; knowledge of NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin helpful, and the ability to work a 3:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. shift is a must. Tape/DVD and resume to the WDIO-TV HR Dept., 10 Observation Rd., Duluth, MN 55811, fax (218) 727-4415 or e-mail No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at KTTC/KXLT-TV, Rochester, MN: Weekend anchor/reporter-videographer (multimedia journalist) who has great storytelling kill, does strong live shots, can dig past the obvious, is curious and organized, is dedicated, can connect with people and is committed to the highest quality broadcast journalism and community service. Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) with the same abilities. Producer who can use the latest ideas and tools to push news first to multiple platforms; tape/DVD and resume to Noel Sederstrom, ND, KTTC/KXLT-TV, 6301 Bandel Rd. NW, Rochester, MN 55901. No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at CBS-owned WWJ-TV, Detroit, MI: Morning show producer (Job #5093BR) with at least three years experience who will be responsible for the direction, coordination and execution of a compelling two-hour (5-7 a.m.) broadcast weekdays; must generate ideas for building the program, direct and supervise both the on-air and production staff, must line produce and manage the program in the control room, display knowledge of video editing and have a track record of success working with talent on a non-traditional program. (5/13)

** Openings at WDIV-TV, Detroit, MI: GA reporter with at least three years experience who can cover a wide range of hard news and feature stories, has strong live shot abilities, is a good writer and can come up with good story ideas consistently; should enterprise when appropriate and always meet deadlines, while contributing to the station’s Web site. Weather anchor/reporter who can prepare and produce weather broadcasts, can create weather graphics, can do both weather-related and GA reporting, can go live smoothly, knows WSI weather equipment, has a smooth on-air forecast delivery and has a meteorology degree; AMS seal preferred; tape/DVD and resume to Deborah Collura, ND. Assignment editor with at least two years experience who can dispatch reporters and crews, plan daily and long-term coverage, set up news stories, gather facts, respond quickly and effectively to breaking news, communicate the editorial and operational needs of the assignment desk to crews and reporters, assist with answering phones, supervise beat calls, check ongoing stories, use the Internet as a tool in identifying developing stories, demonstrate good journalistic judgment and edit news copy; resume to Brooke Blackwell, ME. Associate producer who will work closely with the producer to gather, writ and edit news material; must also retrieve file video, to desktop editing and order news graphics; TV writing experience preferred; resume to KimVoet-Potter, EP, WDIV-TV, 550 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226-3140. (5/23)

— Openings at WXYZ-TV, Detroit, MI: News director (Job #1294) who can create and implement plans for audience growth and newsroom operations, communicate a compelling and inspired vision consistent with company strategy, analyze and respond to trends affecting the industry and DMA, approve all newsroom personnel decisions, develop and control the annual budget, build and maintain key relationships to foster a positive news image in the community, monitor all on-air and online product for compliance to local laws, work with station managers to attain departmental and station goals, post content to the state Web site, adapt current resources to emerging technology, supervise and provide regular feedback and yearly performance appraisals and manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Weekend meteorologist/GA news reporter/videographer (Job #1288) who knows how to use all available weather data and graphics computers to prepare on-air forecasts, prepare and deliver urgent weather updates, prepare and deliver weathercasts for use on multiple platforms, assist in evaluation of potential weather data-gathering and presentation computers, evaluate news tips, report live smoothly, write and produce quality stories and shoot video or work with videographerApply online at (5/23)

— WEYI-TV, Flint, MI seeks a GA reporter-producer (Job #RPP407) with at least two years reporting experience and one year producing experience who will work closely with the assignment editor and content manager of newscasts and content; must check reporter scripts, develop Web content, write newscasts, be a strong writer, display sharp news judgment and can work well with others; experience reporting live events and live breaking news a must, and anchor work is possible; must be able to work nights and weekends. Tape/DVDE and resume to the WEYI-TV EEO officer, 2225 W. Willard Rd., Clio, MI 48420. (5/8)

— Openings at WXMI-TV, Grand Rapids, MI: Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) with at least two years reporting experience who excels in covering breaking news, can develop enterprise stories, has great storytelling abilities, understands the importance of posting stories online and providing social media updates throughout the day, and can do it all as needed. Anchor/consumer reporter who has experience in advocacy journalism, can blend those skills with a regular prime-time anchoring job and can report for multiple platforms. Videographer with at least two years experience who is a good shooter and video editor, has solid news judgment, can operate a live truck and can adapt quickly to changing news events. Tape/DVD and resume to the WXMI-TV HR Dept., 3117 Plaza Dr. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, fax (616) 364-8506 or e-mail (5/15)

** WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, MI seeks full-time and part-time media coordinators who will be responsible for editing and writing stories for use on-air and online, working closely with broadcast and Web producers to assure material is delivered efficiently in a non-linear newsroom; should know ENG/SNG technology and be able to hone the skills needed to be in the successful newsroom of the future, including writing, editing, shooting and working with advanced digital technology on various platforms; videography background a plus. Tape/DVD and resume to Rebecca Sapakie, ND, WOOD-TV, 120 College Av. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WILX-TV, Lansing, MI: Reporter/anchor who is experienced, is strong in all areas and wants to report. Experienced producer who has a keen eye for graphics and related visuals, is a good writer and video editor, communicates well with staff and makes decisions quickly and accurately on deadline. News assistant who is energetic, is a self-starter, is a good writer, can show individual initiative and creativity in identifying news stories, can take in feeds and can gather information on stories; familiarity with video editing a plus. Tape/DVD and resume to Kevin Ragan, ND, WILX-TV, 500 American Rd., Lansing, MI 48911. (5/15)

— Openings at WNEM-TV, Saginaw, MI: Producer (Job #WNEM1325 andWNEM1115) with 1-2 years experience who will create, coordinate, write and executive a variety of competitive newscasts; must display creativity, aggressiveness, attention to detail, show resourcefulness and team spirit, coordinate staff while crafting a compelling newscast, develop the day-to-day on-air look and contribute to the station’s Web and multimedia efforts. Anchor/reporter (Job #WNEM1061) with at least two years experience who will gather news for newscasts, special projects, broadband and other platforms; should know newsroom computers and non-linear editing, display leadership skills, contribute story ideas, be unflappable in the face of extreme pressure, be a news junkie and be team-oriented in pursuit of increased ratings. Weather anchor/reporter (Job #WNEM1380) with at least one year experience who can develop, write and report weathercasts and news reports for a variety of platforms, can do live weather and news reports on a daily basis, can provide the information in a conversational and understandable way, can generate story ideas, can cultivate news sources and can be knowledgeable about places, events and people in the news. Apply online at (5/14)

** Openings at WPBN/WTOM-TV, Traverse City, MI: Anchor-producer/reporter-videographer who is sharp and aggressive on both sides of the camera, is a great storyteller, can creatively showcase the day’s big story, understands the importance of teases and can produce content for use on all platforms, including Facebook and Twitter; background with ENPS and DVCPro cameras a big plus. Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) with the same skills. Tape/DVD and resume to the WPBN/WTOM-TV HR Dept., 8513 E. Traverse Hwy., Traverse City, MI 49684. No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WEWS-TV, Cleveland, OH: Morning executive producer (Job #1787) who will manage content, will showcase across multiple platforms, is a high-energy leader, is ready to manage a dynamic morning team, can emphasize creativity, can pursue breaking news aggressively, can coordinate presentation and content with graphics, video and station branding while monitoring the Web site to enhance user experience and engagement, posting as needed. Producer (Job #1831) with 2-5 years experience who will create, lead and organize broadcasts on multiple platforms utilizing strong editorial, journalistic, organizational and communications background; will write, develop stories, showcase, work closely with news managers and assignment editors, will executive time-sensitive decisions, will write clearly for multiple platforms, will demonstrate creativity and good editorial judgment and will enhance the rundown with graphics, video and station branding. Consumer reporter (Job #1712) with 3-5 years experience who can collect complex information on newsworthy events relying on critical relationships with local newsmakers; primary job is to develop and produce high-impact consumer stories, including investigations; will report, write, shoot video, edit, produce stories and post them to multiple platforms; must demonstrate good editorial judgment and knowledge of journalism ethics and libel laws. Apply online at (5/23)

— Openings at WLWT-TV, Cincinnati, OH: Assistant news director with at least five years news management experience who has strong show presentation skills, strong promotional instincts, multimedia thinking, a vision for building across platforms, a track record of winning the big story, attention to detail, consistency, the ability to follow through, the ability to work constructively with staff and the ability to take storytelling and performance to the next level; knowledge of the Cincinnati/Tri-States market a plus. Producer (Job #PR10-04) with at least two years line producing experience who is a strong writer, has good editorial judgment, can communicate clearly with staff and has success with a morning show; must be willing to work overnights and weekends. Assignment editor (Job #AM10-06) who can monitor scanners for breaking news, coordinate with crews in the field, set coverage priorities, generate story ideas, display strong people and phone skills and work well with others; familiarity with the Cincinnati area is a big plus. Meteorologist (Job #ME10-01) who is an aggressive storm tracker, approaches weather coverage with a passion and can uphold the station’s promise to provide the most accurate, complete and comprehensive weather coverage; should have a meteorology degree, seal or both. Reporter (Job #RE09-07) with at least three years experience who has powerful storytelling skills, does dynamic live shots, can enterprise stories, writes well and can incorporate all available resources into stories; ability to shoot video a plus. Part-time associate producer (Job #AP10-07) who can write for broadcast and Web, can identify compelling stories and can assist on the assignment desk; critical thinking and the passion to grow as a producer are essential; entry-level position. Tape/DVD and resume to Stacy Owen, ND, WLWT-TV, 1700 Young St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 or e-mail (5/13)

** Openings at WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, OH: Assistant news director (Job #1709) with at least five years experience who will manage the day-to-day news operation, see that distribution is made to multiple platforms, can create tactics and strategies to increase demo performance, can lead coverage of major events, can proactively communicate news initiatives across departments, can evaluate efficiencies and can assist the ND in managing newsroom operations and budgeting; will do hiring and performance management reports. Innovative, dynamic consumer reporter (Job #1712) who can develop high-impact consumer and investigative stories, can uncover stories through investigate and search, can use computer databases to research statistics and facts, can gather and verify factual information, can organize material, can shoot video and still photos, can edit video for multiple platforms, can go live smoothly, can write and produce quality content for use over-the-air and on other platforms, can assist in newscast preparation, can assist the online staff and can demonstrate knowledge of libel laws. Innovative, dynamic morning executive producer (Job #1787) with at least five years experience who can develop and organize newscasts, display good writing skills, develop stories, work closely with staff to determine content needs, can execute time-sensitive decisions, can oversee live broadcast, can edit video for multiple platforms, can post content to the station Web sites and can enhance rundowns with graphics, video, research and station branding. Innovative, dynamic producer (Job #1831) with 2-5 years experience who can develop and organize newscasts, display good writing skills, develop stories, work closely with staff to determine content needs, can execute time-sensitive decisions, can oversee live broadcast, can edit video for multiple platforms, can post content to the station Web sites and can enhance rundowns with graphics, video, research and station branding. Part-time assignment editor (Job #1711) who ca plan coverage, assign crews, make calls to sources, assist in finding stories, do research, track story ideas, write and post content to the Web, monitor wires and scanners and coordinate logistics 24 hours a week. Associate producer (Job #1710 and 1656) who can work with the EP and producers to determine content needs, assist in the development of content for use over-the-air and other platforms, execute time-sensitive decisions, write clearly for multiple platforms, edit video, show good news judgment and plan coverage as directed by management, posting content to the Web as required. Apply online at (5/23)

— Openings at WXIX-TV, Cincinnati, OH: News director who will do daily news planning, direct the staff, supervise all news content, oversee hiring and promotions, do budgeting and administer the newsroom; must have a track record of working with sales and promotion on a variety of special projects; background should include previous newsroom leadership experience in large to major markets, with the energy and talent to lead. Producer with at least two years line producing and multimedia experience who is a good writer, has great news judgment, can edit video well using non-linear computer-based editing systems and has demonstrable skills using computer-assisted news production systems (such as ENPS, iNews, WorldNow) and knows graphics and social networking. Resume to the WXIX-TV HR Dept., 635 W. Seventh St., Cincinnati, OH 45203 or e-mail No calls. (5/6)

— Openings at WBNS-TV, Columbus, OH: Traffic/GA reporter (Job #200MG) with at least three years experience who can find and present traffic-related information, prepare graphics for newscasts, gather and research stories that bring a strong viewer benefit and has great writing skills, storytelling ability and a sense of urgency. Experienced GA reporter (Job #200BW) who can present ideas for several topical and relevant enterprise stories each day, is a superior writer and storyteller, can dig deep and uncover he big stories, can cover and deliver breaking news with accuracy and urgency and can display plenty of self-motivation. Weekend meteorologist/reporter (Job #200BR) who knows severe weather, has the skills to deliver a dynamic weathercast, is an excellent news reporter and is familiar with current TV weather systems; meteorology degree preferred. Producer (Job #200DM) who knows how to differentiate and showcase a newscast that is urgent and relevant, has lots of tools to work with and can coordinate satellite and microwave trucks, a 24/7 chopper operation, an investigative and special projects unit and a Washington bureau. Tape/DVD and resume to Margaret Thomas, HR Dept., WBNS-TV/Dispatch Broadcast Group, 770 Twin Rivers Dr., Columbus, OH 43215 or e-mail (5/17)

— Openings at WCMH-TV, Columbus, OH: Reporter/videographer (digital journalist – Job #CMH-000112) with 2-3 years experience (print counts) who can develop and nurture local news contacts, develop unique stories, cover breaking news, follow up on stories, present stories on multiple media platforms, is highly-motivated, is capable of working in a self-directed environment, is highly creative and innovative, likes to enterprise, goes live smoothly and knows basic html Web skills, Word, Outlook, Excel, Photoshop and video editing software. Apply online at (5/5)

— Openings at WSYX/WTTE-TV, Columbus, OH: Anchor/reporter (Job #COL01240) with at least two years experience who is a proven performer in fast-paced newscasts, is a strong story teller, handles live breaking news smoothly, is an outstanding reporter and is a newsroom leader. GA reporter (Job #COL01213) with 2-4 years experience who has experience developing story ideas and gathering information for newscasts, works hard to get stories, loves telling stories in creative ways and is a sound writer. News and sports reporter (Job #COL01241) who can split time between sports and news, can generate stories on both beats, writes well, goes live smoothly, works hard to get a story and loves telling stories in a creative way. Videographer (Job#COL01250) with at least two years experience who can work alone or with a reporter/field producer, can shoot and edit video for broadcast, can assure good sound and picture quality, is proficient in state-of-the-art equipment, can shoot video in all types of settings, can work comfortably under deadline pressure, knows non-linear editing and can operate a live truck and portable microwave equipment. Assignment editor (Job #COL01253) who can manage deployment of crews, work with feed services and other affiliates, update the Web site, arrange for satellite uplinks and downlinks, can take the lead in gathering story information and work with others to produce compelling TV in the newsroom and in the field; experience preferred. Apply online at and then send tape/DVD to the WSYX/WTTE HR Dept., 1261 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH 43215. (5/14)

— Openings at WKEF/WRGT-TV, Dayton, OH: Reporter/videographer (Job #DAY01132) who can join the morning team and work an overnight shift, shoot stories (including stand-ups), do solid video editing on Newscutter, run a live truck, listen and react well to scanner traffic and display strong storytelling ability. Reporter (Job #DAY01133) with at least two years experience who can research, write, report and present on-air stories live and on tape smoothly; must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays. Producer (Job #DAY01117) with at least one year experience who has solid news judgment, is a good writer and organizer, has a track record of handling live and breaking stories well, and whose newscasts have high production value; must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays, and Web skills are a plus. Apply online at, then send DVD/tape and resume to Patrick Casey, ND, WKEF/WRGT-TV, 45 Broadcast Plaza, Dayton, OH 45418. (5/9)

— Openings at WHIO-TV, Dayton, OH: Producer with at least one year experience who is creative, has innovative story ideas and has the ability to be a leader in the newsroom; tape/DVD and resume to Patrick Enright, EP. GA reporter with at lest three years experience who goes live smoothly, is a creative storyteller, can ask tough questions in a fair and professional manner and can work nights, mornings and weekends; experience as a weather anchor is a plus; DVD, writing samples, resume and letter stating salary history to David Bennallack, ND. Assignment editor who is experienced, can multi-task, can assist with writing and creating content for the station Web site, is a good writer, has great people and phone skills, can manage multiple crews and can help gather, confirm, generate and assign stories; resume to Jill Krause, assignment mgr., WHIO-TV, 1414 Wilmington Av., Dayton, OH 45420 or e-mail No calls. (5/6)

— ABC-owned WTVG, Toledo, OH seeks an experienced producer (Job #235917) who has integrity and a passion for local news. Tape/DVD, resume and writing samples to the WTVG-TV HR Dept., 4247 Dorr St., Toledo, OH 43607 or apply online at (5/5)

— WHIZ-TV, Zanesville, OH seeks an entry-level reporter/anchor who is self-starting, wants to work hard while having fun, is smart and on-time, is ready to work day one and can help provide content to two stations and a Web site; fill-in anchoring a possibility. Tape/DVD and resume to George Hiotis, ND, WHIZ-TV, 629 Downard Rd., Zanesville, OH 43701 or e-mail (5/8)

— Openings at WSMV-TV, Nashville, TN: Morning executive producer (Job #WSMV1220) with the same abilities; will be responsible for total quality control of 19 hours of morning news each week. Producer (Job #WSMV1385) with at least one year producing or associate producer background who is creative, is detail-oriented, is highly flexible, can manage all content within newscasts, can contribute heavily to the team process including story ideas, process improvement ideas and creative alternatives; must be willing to work long or unusual hours, including weekends and holidays as needed. Chief photographer (Job #WSMV1384) with at least five years experience who is highly creative, is well-organized, is team-oriented, can manage 25 videographers and editors as well as techs, can contribute as an individual videographer on news and special projects, can maintain and manage a fleet of vehicles and live gear, can maintain photo equipment, can stay atop innovations in technology and processes, is willing to work long or unusual hours on stories and can do occasional helicopter photo work; non-linear editing skills a must. Videographer (Job #WSMV1116 and WSMV1377) with 2-3 years experience who is skilled in DCVPro and/orP2 camera operation, knows Avid non-linear video editing, can operate a live truck and is willing to shoot video from the station’s helicopter; should be an accomplished video storyteller, understand police scanner technology and knows all aspects of lighting for video. On-call associate producer (Jobs #WSMV821 and 822) with at least one year line producing experience who will write stories, will fill-in produce newscasts as needed, is proactive, is motivated, is a strong writer, works well under pressure, can work odd hours and can assist the producer in script separation, searching of archives and graphics presentation. Apply online at (5/13)

— WZTV, Nashville, TN seeks a news director (Job #NAS01209) with at least three years news management experience who can lead the rebuilding of a great news operations, shows an aggressive and competitive style, is a leader and a teacher, can oversee operations day-to-day, can improve news content and quality, can maintain a budget and properly handle all personnel issues, knows current events on all levels, and can produce newscasts that meet and exceed current industry standards; must be a strong recruiter and developer of talent. Apply online at (5/9)

— Openings at WTVF, Nashville, TN: GA reporter with at least two years experience who can make and maintain sources, can attend news events, can monitor news sources, can set up interviews, can field produce stories, can report live smoothly, can review tape and can write news; must be competitive, a team player and work well under pressure. Associate producer/assignment editor(Job #31810-D) who has strong news judgment, a willingness to learn, the ability work in a high-pressure environment, has strong writing skills, knows computers and the Internet and can interact with co-workers and viewers; must write broadcast and online copy, run the assignment desk, handle incoming calls, research and develop stories, coordinate news crews, monitor scanners, make beat calls and operate the TelePrompTer during newscasts; tape and resume to Michelle Bonnette, AND, WTVF, 474 James Robertson Pkwy., Nashville, TN 37219. No calls or e-mails. (5/23)

** Openings at WKRN-TV, Nashville, TN: Reporter/videographer (video journalist) with 2-3 years experience who can work independently, gener4ate story ideas, produce innovative content and get edit what you shoot. Entertainment reporter/videographer (video journalist) who can shoot, edit, write and report, working independently, generating story ideas, producing innovative content for all platforms and finding exclusive content through music industry contacts; must cover events happening in the entertainment industry such as red carpet interviews, award shows and the CMA Music Festival. Videographer with at least five years shooting and/or reporting experience who will shoot and edit on a non-linear system and write stories; must be able to set up and operate a live truck, work independently, generate story ideas and produce innovative content for newscasts; basic computer skills a must. DVD and resume ASAP to Matthew Zelkind, ND, WKRN-TV, 441 Murfreesboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37210. No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at Fox-owned WHBQ-TV, Memphis, TN: Morning executive producer with at least three years line producing experience who will manage the performance of producers and associate producers, will oversee and enterprise team coverage and special events, will prevent on-air mistakes, will enhance newscasts through the creative use of graphics, will work with reporters to improve their stories and will take a lead role in breaking news situations. Anchor for its 5 and 9 p.m. newscasts with at least five years experience who can also produce field and series pieces, and participate in the editorial process. Morning anchor/reporter with at least three years experience who can work an assigned beat, can establish contacts, can identify stories of relevance to the community, can report live and on tape, is a good communicator, is a team player, works well under pressure and is computer-literate. Tape, resume and letter stating salary requirements to the WHBQ-TV HR Dept., 485 S. Highland Av., Memphis, TN 38111 or e-mail No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WREG-TV, Memphis, TN: Videographer with 1-2 years experience who can shoot and edit in all types of settings under extreme deadline pressure, can operate a live truck, can edit on both linear and non-linear equipment, can perform minor repairs to cameras and troubleshoot in the field when needed, can work alone or with a reporter and display some knowledge of the market; tape/DVD and resume ASAP to Scott Sutherland, chief photographer, WREG-TV, 803 Channel 3 Dr., Memphis, TN 38103, fax (901) 543-2167 or e-mail No calls. (5/10)

— Openings at WPTY/WLMT-TV, Memphis, TN: Executive producer with at least five years producing experience who is energetic, has a positive outlook, has great people skills and is a strong writer; management background preferred. Videographer with at least one year experience who will tell people stories using pictures and sound on DVCPro; non-linear editing background and the ability to set up and execute live shots a must; tape/DVD, resume and references to Brad Nygaard, chief photojournalist or e-mail Experienced and aggressive reporter with at least two years experience who can make live shots and stand-ups active, visual and far from the norm; DVD should include a minimum off four packages, with live shots preferred, that aired no earlier than the past three weeks plus a letter that outlines how you go about getting the interview that counts and develop sources; DVD/online links that include two live shots, with resume and references, to Peter Jacobus, ND, WPTY/WLMT-TV, 2701 Union Av. Extended, Memphis, TN 38112 or e-mail No calls. (5/2)

— Openings at WATE-TV, Knoxville, TN: Producer (Job #09-18) with at least two years experience who is extremely aggressive, demonstrates a hunger for hard news, crafts newscasts that are both informative and creative, thinks outside the box, has a knack for details, can manage staff and can produce newscasts that are clear and easy to understand. Tape/DVD (where applicable), resume and letter stating salary requirements to the WATE-TV HR Dept., Box 2349, Knoxville, TN 37901. No calls. (5/13)

** Openings at WVLT-TV, Knoxville, TN: Executive producer with at least five years experience who is experienced, hands-on, high-energy, can lead a multi-platform media effort, is a good people person, has creative expertise, has extensive special projects/investigative producing experience and/or an impressive record of performance as a newsroom leader; should be able to show a record of high newsroom morale. Meteorologist with at least five years on-air experience and an AMS seal who can do breaking weather coverage with fluidity and proficiency and can embrace today’s multimedia platforms. Reporter/videographer (multimedia video journalist) with at least one year experience who is capable of top-notch and creative shooting, writing and editing, with a good attitude and strong people skills; background with iNews and NewsCutter a major plus. Producer with 1-3 years experience who has a working knowledge of news and production elements for air and Web, is a wordsmith, can multi-task well and works under pressure quickly and accurately. Tape/DVD and resume to Steve Crabtree, ND, WVLT-TV, 6450 Papermill Dr., Knoxville, TN 37919. (5/22)

— Openings at WTVC, Chattanooga, TN: Reporter/videographer (video journalist) who is a proficient storyteller, can shoot and edit video, can go live smoothly, writes well, can step outside of the basic job description when needed, is well-organized, understands that the deadline on the Web is always now and knows ENPS, Final Cut, FTP, P2 equipment and works comfortably on a Mac platform. DVD and resume to Tom Henderson, ND, WTVC, 4279 Benton Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37406 or e-mail (5/13)

— WDEF-TV, Chattanooga, TN seeks a producer with 1-3 years experience who can write well, fill-in on other shifts as needed, edit video, handle the assignment desk and knows basic computer skills. Tape/DVD and resume to the WDEF-TV HR Dept., 3300 Broad St., Chattanooga, TN 37408 or e-mail (5/13)

— Openings at WBBJ-TV, Jackson, TN: Reporter/videographer with a track record of smooth live shots, good sources, breaking news, strong writing, good news judgment, compelling work and great story ideas; knowledge of west Tennessee preferred. Tape/DVD and resume to Robert Davidson, ND, WBBJ-TV, 346 Muse St., Jackson, TN 38301 or e-mail (5/22)

— Openings at WJHL-TV, Johnson City, TN: News director (Job #JHL-000181) with at least five years news management experience who is a team builder, has solid journalistic judgment, has strong people skills, can hire and train, can develop staff, can set and maintain ethical standards, can oversee all convergence and multimedia projects, and can develop and execute a strategic plan to improve the station’s competitive position in the market. Reporter/videographer (digital journalist – Job #JHL-000180) with 1-3 years experience who will make and maintain local news contacts, enterprise unique stories, cover breaking news, follow up on stories, will edit video, will write well, can post to the Web/mobile/social network platforms, is highly motivated, can work in a self-directed environment and can do it all, whether background is print, radio or television; must have familiarity with basic html, ENPS, Word, Outlook, Excel, Photoshop and video editing software. Tape/DVD, resume and references to the WJHL-TV HR Dept., 338 E. Main St., Johnson City, TN 37601 or e-mail (5/5)

— Openings at KETV, Omaha, NE: Weekend morning anchor/reporter who is high-energy, is self-starting, is a creative writer, is an excellent storyteller, goes live smoothly, can make and maintain contacts and wants to break news stories daily. GA news reporter who has high energy, is self-starting, is a creative writer, is an excellent storyteller, goes live smoothly, can develop contacts and break news stories and can work the early-morning weekend shift. Tape/DVD, resume and references to Rose Ann Shannon, ND, KETV, 2665 Douglas St., Omaha, NE 68131. (5/13)

— Openings at KMTV, Omaha, NE: Sports director with at least three year sportscasting/sports producing experience, including one year as a primary sportscaster, who can serve as primary sports anchor, can cover sporting events and features, can anchor sportscasts from remote locations as needed, can shoot and edit video for all sports segments, writes well, can supervise and assign sports reporters to cover stories and can maintain sports pages on the Internet; PBP experience a plus; DVD and resume to the KMTV ND. Producer who is a strong writer, has good news judgment, is well-organized, knows broadcast newsroom operations, can work closely with others, can oversee story development placement, can coordinate on-air execution of newscasts, can post to the Web and can produce special broadcasts and projects as needed; working knowledge of ENPS, Precis and Edius is a plus; apply to the KMTV ND, 10714 Mockingbird Ln., Omaha, NE 68127 or e-mail (5/13)

— KHAS-TV, Hastings, NE seeks an evening anchor with at least two years on-air experience who is a newsroom leader, is a mentor and coach, is self-starting, is a proven storyteller, is a skilled communicator, is a good writer, is a team player, can contribute story ideas daily, can review scripts, believes in a conversational style, can produce in-depth reports, and can shoot and edit stories; community involvement a must, along with the ability to produce work for multiple platforms; must use a blog and social networks to connect with viewers. DVD and resume to Dennis Kellogg, ND, KHAS-TV, Box 5788, Hastings, NE 68902. No calls. (5/2)

— Opening at KHGI-TV, Kearney, NE: Nightside producer (Job #15-149) who aggressively pursues breaking news, communicates well, can organize interviews, creates compelling content, generates news content and story ideas, meets strict deadlines, is self-starting and can keep a cool head under deadline pressure and shifting priorities. Weekend videographer (Job #15-153) who can work a 2-11 p.m. Friday-Tuesday shift, can generate story ideas, can manage time well, can shoot and edit video for newscasts and either knows or can learn live truck operation. Producer (Job #15-156) with at least one year experience who will organize interviews, create compelling content, generate story ideas, write conversationally, meet strict deadlines, handle pressure situations calmly, manage time well and be a self-starter. Overnight producer (Job #15-154) with the same abilities. Overnight assistant producer (Job #15-151) who will learn how to write for broadcast, produce a morning newscast and assist with the mid-morning talk show; will work weekdays 4 a.m. until 1 p.m. Tape/DVD and resume to Heidi Nutter, KHGI-TV personnel dept., Box 220, Kearney, NE 68848-0220, call (308) 743-2494 x-115, fax (308) 743-2644 or e-mail (5/5)

— Openings at KLKN-TV, Lincoln, NE: Sports director who is a strong reporter and videographer, has extensive live skills, can handle one hour pre-game and post-game shows and can focus on the Cornhuskers. Primary co-anchor with anchoring background who has an aggressive approach to coverage and community involvement, has great news judgment, is calm in breaking news situations, has a strong camera presence and has the personality to be a newsroom leader. Morning/midday anchor with at least two years experience who is a strong journalist and personality, has equally strong writing and producing skills, can interact well with weather and news talent, can adjust as news develops, has strong news judgment and can work in a team environment. Morning/midday weather anchor who is passionate about weather, has good personality and strong on-camera presentation, has a meteorology degree and is able to handle live severe weather coverage. VHS tape/DVD and resume to the KLKN-TV HR Dept., 3240 S. Tenth St., Lincoln, NE 68502. (5/13)

— KNOP-TV, North Platte, NE seeks an entry-level reporter/videographer who has energy and enthusiasm and either knows or can quickly learn how to report, shoot, edit, write and producer, as well as write for the Web; great storytellers preferred. DVD and resume to Jacque Harms, ND, KNOP-TV, Box 749, N. Hwy. 83, North Platte, NE 69101. (5/8)

— WIBW-TV, Topeka, KS seeks a producer (Job #IBNE06407) for its 6 and 10 p.m. weekday newscasts who is willing and able to write, can edit video, can produce content for the Web, can set up live shots, is a multi-tasker and loves the pressure of daily live news for use over the air and online. Tape/DVD and resume to the WIBW-TV HR Dept., 631 SW Commerce Pl., Topeka, KS 66615. (5/9)

— Openings at KTKA-TV, Topeka, KS: Chief photographer with at least four years videography experience who can shoot stories, train newsroom staff in shooting and editing of news video and can maintain and keep records of photography equipment and news vehicles. Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) with at least one year experience who is a strong storyteller, can post material to the station Web site and is a good writer. Tape/DVD and resume to the KTKA-TV HR Dept., 2121 SW Chelsea Dr., Topeka, KS 66614 or e-mail (5/1)

— Openings at KSNW-TV, Wichita, KS: Anchor/reporter with at least two years experience who can contribute story ideas at daily meetings, write stories, edit copy for newscasts, represent the station at community events, report as needed on major news of the day and special franchise features, read will from a computer monitor and TelePrompTer, be proficient in newsroom computer systems and know spelling, grammar and punctuation; tape/DVD and resume to Jason Kravarik, ND. Experienced producer for its 10 p.m. weeknight newscast who is creative, can work with graphic artist to produce a graphics-intensive show, can write clear and concise copy, knows grammar and spelling, can maintain a positive work environment and can assure that all standards of fairness and accuracy are met; must booth the show and allow for breaking news; apply to the KSNW-TV HR Dept, 833 N. Main St., Wichita, KS 67203, call (316) 265-3333 or e-mail (5/13)

— Openings at KAKE-TV, Wichita, KS; Producer who can combine great news judgment with exceptional writing skills, can produce newscasts that are compelling and fast-paced, works well under deadline pressure and with last-minute changes and has experience producing content for the Internet and other platforms; DVD and resume to Dave Grant, ND. Video editor who knows Newscutter, can record satellite feeds, is creative, can function effectively under deadline pressure and can take charge of the station’s video archive system. Tape/DVD and resume to Greg Alexander, chief photographer, KAKE-TV, 1500 N. West St., Wichita, KS 67203 or e-mail No calls. (5/13)

— KWCH-TV, Wichita, KS seeks a western KS bureau sports reporter/videographer with at least two years experience who can edit on non-linear equipment, can do more than highlights and game stories, can post text and video to the Web, can contribute to two different stations’ Web sites daily and can do everything needed to prepare sportscasts for use over-the-air and online; must also cover news and severe weather in the region as needed. DVDE and resume to the KWCH-TV HR Dept., 2815 E. 37th St.. North, Wichita, KS 67219, fax (316)831-6190 or e-mail (5/23)

— KOAM/KFJX-TV, Pittsburg, KS seeks a weekend anchor-producer/reporter-videographer who is a team player, can deliver the news in a compelling manner, is a creative storyteller, knows how to join great pictures and sound to deliver solid stories; must be equally strong on-air and producing. Tape/DVD and resume to Kristi Spencer, ND, KOAM/KFJX-TV, Box 659, Pittsburg, KS 66762. (5/23)

— Openings at KLRT-TV, Little Rock, AR: Degreed weekend meteorologist with at least two years on-air experience who is a severe weather specialist, can handle the next big storm, knows how to create weather graphics and can produce weathercasts that are accurate, informative and understandable; AMS seal a must. Video editor with at least two years experience who can work on its 5, 9 and 10 p.m. weekday newscasts, is a self-starter, can meet station standards under deadline pressure and knows non-linear editing. Assignment editor/Web producer who can deliver breaking news and weather quickly and accurately, can work weekends and holidays as needed and has a strong grasp on how interactive features such as online chats, forums, streaming video, viewer-submitted video, polls and direct e-mails can enhance the brand and viewer loyalty. DVD and resume to Ed Trauschke, ND, KLRT-TV, 10800 Colonel Glenn Rd., Little Rock, AR 72204 or e-mail (5/24)

— KTHV-TV, Little Rock, AR seeks an associate producer who can work across all platforms, is a news junkie, stays informed on all levels, can engage viewers and online users daily, can write and produce stories on all platforms, can edit video on non-linear equipment, can update Web sites and post txt, stills and video and can operate a TelePrompTer. Tape/DVD, resume and references to Chuck Maulden, ND, KTHV-TV, 720 Izard St., Little Rock, AR 72201. (5/5)

— KNWA/KFTA-TV, Fayetteville, AR seeks a reporter with at least one year experience who can generate ideas and news stories, can writ and post content to the station Web site, can represent the station at community events and knows both iNews and Newscutter. Tape/DVD and resume to Phil Reyna, HR Dir., KNWA/KFTA-TV, 15 S. Block St., Suite 101, Fayetteville, AR 72701 or e-ail (5/13)

— Openings at KHBS/KHOG-TV, Ft. Smith, AR: Anchor/reporter with 3-5 years experience who is a team player, understands the responsibilities of leading a teaching newsroom, is a good writer and editor, knows how to get the big stories, has strong news judgment, can grab viewers with amazing leads, is calm and cool on the air, can lead breaking news coverage from the desk or the field and can set a good example for the young journalists in the room. GA reporter who is an exceptional storyteller, can be a Web champion, can enterprise stories daily, has a passion for the news and has an engaging style; experience preferred. Producer who has a passion for local TV news, can produce accurate and compelling newscasts, understands the next newscast is the station Web site, can craft a winning daily newscasts, selects great video, is a good writer, is digitally savvy and can produce content for the Web site and other digital platforms daily. Weekend producer/reporter-videographer who has a passion for news, can produce newscasts that are accurate and compelling, can select video, can write well, can act as weekend assignment editor, can update the Web site and is digitally savvy. Tape/DVD, resume and references to Dawn Dugle, ND, KHBS/KHOG-TV, 2809 Ajax Av., Suite 200, Rogers, AR 72758 or e-mail No calls. (5/16)

— Openings at KFSM-TV, Ft. Smith, AR: Creative, curious and self-starting GA reporter with at least 1-2 years experience who can gather information and resources for a variety of stories; must enterprise each day, gather and write multiple stories daily and post them to the Web. Videographer with at least two years experience who has lots of hustle, is aggressive with daily and breaking coverage, can work alone or with a reporter/field producer, can operate both microwave and satellite trucks safely, can shoot video in all kinds of settings and can edit under deadline pressure; experience and working knowledge of digital videography and non-linear editing a huge plus. Video editor who can edit video to air, record feds, us non-linear editing equipment and can edit, organize, cue and play al video during newscasts; background with Avid and FinalCut Pro a plus. Weekend sports anchor/reporter with at least two years experience who will cover major university and HS sports, is a good storyteller, can generate local story ideas, can make and maintain contacts, can turn a wide range of sports stories quickly, can post real-time Web stories and video, can blog online, knows digital photography and understands non-linear editing. Part-time sports videographer who is curious, hard-working and passionate about sports. Tape and resume to Rick Bagley, ND, KFSM-TV, 4201 N. Shiloh Dr., Suite 169, Fayetteville, AR 72703, fax (479) 521-6579 or e-mail (5/15)

— Openings at KAIT-TV, Jonesboro, AR: News content specialists who can opeaate a camera, post content to the Web and work schedules that include nights and weekends. DVD/Internet link, references and letter outlining what you bring to the table to Hatton Weeks, ND, KAIT-TV, Box 790, Jonesboro, AR 72403-0790 or e-mail No calls. (5/13)

— KTMF-TV, Missoula, MT seeks a sports reporter/videographer who will work for a statewide network of stations, is a creative storyteller, is a solid writer and editor, is motivate to work well with others, can enterprise sports stories that go beyond athlete profiles and can supply content to Max Media stations across Montana. Tape/DVD and resume to Chris Grogan, ND, KTMF-TV/Max Media of Montana, 2200 Stephens Av., Missoula, MT 59801. No calls. (5/1)

— KFBB-TV, Black Eagle, MT seeks a weekend sports anchor/reporter who is self-starting, is motivated, works well with others, can enterprise stories that go beyond athlete profiles, meets all deadlines and can produce, anchor and report for a statewide network of stations. Sports reporter with the same job description, except no producing or anchoring. DVD and resume to Chris Grogan, ND, WFBB-TV/Max Media of Montana, 2200 Stephens Av., Missoula, MT 59801. No calls. (5/6)

— WLOS-TV, Asheville, NC seeks a Waynesboro bureau reporter/videographer (Job #ASH01176) with 2-3 years experience, solid storytelling skills, strong on-camera presence, smooth live shot skills and a commitment to multi-platform newsgathering that includes over-the-air, online and mobile delivery; Monday-Friday dayside job. Apply online at and send DVD/tape and resume to the WKOS-TVND, 110 Technology Dr., Asheville, NC 28803. (5/8)

— Openings at WSOC/WAXN-TV, Charlotte, NC: Weekend anchor/reporter who is aggressive, experienced and can handle breaking news and all aspects of a newscast comfortably; apply to Robin Whitmeyer, ND. GA reporter with at least three years experience who loves live and breaking news, digging up exclusive stories, has a strong work ethic and has a diverse toolbox for storytelling. Dynamic managing editor who can oversee daily and long-term editorial content, can execute all levels of breaking news, can oversee enterprise efforts, will work with all staff, will help reporters craft stories on a daily basis, is Web savvy, knows that breaking a story online is as important as on television, can manage people at all skill levels and can execute research through high-impact storytelling; resume to Robin Whitmeyer, ND, WSOC/WAXN-TV, 1901 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28206. No calls. (5/13)

** Openings at WBTV, Charlotte, NC: Sports reporter/anchor who has strong on-air skills, has a deep working knowledge of sports at the pro, collegiate and prep levels, is an outstanding storyteller, doesn’t mind working hard, can make sports about more than points and won/loss records; must be able to make and maintain contacts in the local sports community and be able to shoot and edit your own material; tape/DVD and resume to Dennis Milligan. Dynamic producer with at least two years experience who has strong news judgment, has exceptional writing skills, is self-starting, can lead a team, can manage time well, can push the station’s strong On Your Side brand creatively, is a strong communicator and can find innovative ways to use the studio, graphics, sound and pacing to create memorable newscasts daily. Tape/DVD and resume to Kim Saxon, EP, WBTV, 1 Julian Price Pl., Charlotte, NC 28208. No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WLOS-TV, Asheville, NC: Waynesville bureau reporter (Job #ASH01176) with 2-3 years experience in a daily deadline setting who can edit on both linear and non-linear equipment and has a commitment to multi-platform journalism that includes broadcast, Web and mobile delivery; must have a demo tape that displays solid storytelling skills, character-driven stories, strong on-camera presence, great writing and smooth live shots; job is weekdays, dayside. Producer (Job #ASH01178) with at least three years experience line producing who has solid news judgment, has the ability to multi-task, is calm under pressure, knows how to handle breaking news and live shots, can determine newscast content, can check and perform writing, can interact with crews in the field, can oversee control room and studio operations, can coordinate graphics, can help to maintain the station Web site, knows Avid non-linear editing and can do special projects producing as needed. Tape/DVD and resume to the WLOS-TV ND, 110 Technology Dr., Asheville, NC 28803. (5/9)

— Openings at ABC-owned WTVD, Raleigh-Durham, NC: Weekend morning anchor (Job #221690) with at least three years reporting experience and some anchor background; must report live smoothly and bring plenty of story ideas to the table. Morning executive producer (Job #203525) with 3-5 years experience who can supervise content and production for its 5-7 a.m. weekday newscast; must have experience managing people and content in a highly-competitive situation, working overnight to shape content. Assignment editor (Job #231144) who can research and set up stories, monitor scanners, dispatch crews, monitor viewer e-mail and social network postings and respond to viewer phone calls; knowledge of the Raleigh-Durham market is preferred. Apply online at, create a candidate profile, upload your resume file and then send DVD and resume to Rob Elmore, ND, WTVD, 411 Liberty St., Durham, NC 27701. (5/23)

— Openings at WNCN-TV, Raleigh-Durham, NC: Degreed and experienced weekend morning weather anchor (Job #NCN-000211) who can report the weather on weekend newscasts, fill-in elsewhere for staff meteorologists, keep news staff appraised of developing weather situations, sustain live on-air coverage o severe weather events and perform GA news reporting, live and on tape, as needed. Reporter/videographer (embed reporter – Job #NCN-000217) with 1-2 years experience who will cultivate and maintain both official and community-based news sources to achieve a high rate of enterprise reporting, have strong verbal and written communications skills, have the ability to plan and coordinate news coverage on multiple platforms, have the ability to use digital video cameras, edit video, make journalistic judgments in the field, be well informed of events on all levels and be able to meet deadlines. Producer (Job #NCN-000218) who can effectively manage talent ad production resources, has multimedia skills, can contribute daily to the station’s online effort, can handle breaking news, is calm in extreme pressure situations, can make last-minute changes, can guide and direct crews in the field, can call live shows from the control room and can edit video on non-linear equipment. Tape and resume to the WNCN-TV HR Dept., 1205 Front St., Raleigh, NC 27609 or e-mail (5/5)

— WRAL-TV, Raleigh, NC seeks a part-time (20-30 hours/week) news production assistant who can organize scripts and rundowns, make beat checks and follow-up calls as directed by assignment editors and other staff, staff the viewer information line and answer phones; must assist producers, assignment editors and directors with daily newscast preparation. Apply online at (5/13)

— Openings at WXII-TV, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC: Experienced assignment editor who is a newsroom leader, communicates well with staff and the public, excels in breaking news situations and can enterprise content for use over the air and online. Temporary reporter who is an outstanding writer, tells compelling stories for TV and the Web, knows how to make a live shot count and loves the challenge of breaking news. Apply to the WXII-TV HR Dept., 700 Coliseum Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106. No calls. (5/13)

— Openings at WFMY-TV, Greensboro, NC:; News director with at least five years managerial experience who can understand and boldly advance WFMY-TV’s brand, can assure that multi-platform efforts emphasize accuracy, quality and unique content, is a strong motivator, has a keen eye for talent and the ability to coach and develop talent; must be able to plan and adhere to a budget and aggressively manage and lead an energetic, skill-rich, focused and innovative team. Send work samples and resume to the WFMY-TV VP/GM, 1615 Phillips Av., Greensboro, NC 27405. (5/23)

— Openings at WNCT-TV, Greenville, NC: Morning/noon anchor (Job #NCT-000184) with 1-2 years experience who has a polished presentation, is a strong reporter, has good news judgment, is comfortable contributing to online and social networking efforts, has an energetic personality. has good energy and people skills, is a good writer and can contribute a great deal to the writing of newscasts; apply online at Weekday evening anchor (Job #NCT-000183) with the 4-5 years of experience and the same qualifications; apply online at Reporter/videographer (digital journalist – Job #NCT-000188) with at least 1-2 years experience who is a strong and creative writer, has the ability to operate the needed digital equipment, can process raw images into video and packages, is a strong reporter, has good people skills, is self-directed and enterprising, manages time well and is always organized; apply online at, or send DVD and resume to the WNCT-TV HR Dept., 3221 S. Evans St., Greenville, NC 27834, fax (252) 355-8568 or e-mail (5/5)

** Openings at WIS-TV, Columbia, SC: Experienced producer who can do the stories that everyone talks about and make national news; must be familiar with Web posting and non-linear editing, have a willingness to learn and assist the content department and display knowledge of social media. Weather anchor/reporter who takes the weather seriously, has a lot of knowledge, uses it to say where the weather is and where it’s going in the most immediate terms; must have weather seals and great computer proficiency. DVD and resume to Brad Neuhoff, ND, WIS-TV, Box 367, Columbia, SC 29202; employment application may be downloaded from the station Web site at and mailed with application. No calls or e-mails. (5/23)

— Openings at WLTX-TV, Columbia, SC: Producer with at least two years experience who is a good writer, editor and decision maker; must like working with multi-platform technology, work well with a team, thrive under deadline pressure, generate content for use over-the-air and online as well as mobile platforms and understands the value of social networking sites. Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist) with 1-2 years experience who is highly-motivated, has good news sense, has solid on-air performance skills, is a great news writer on all platforms, can shoot and edit using the latest lightweight technology, has good storytelling skills, can identify problems and develop solutions and has a schedule flexible enough to work any assigned shift. DVD/Web links, resume and references to Marybeth Jacoby, ND, WLTX-TV, 6027 Garners Ferry Rd., Columbia, SC 29209. (5/23)

— Openings at WACH-TV, Columbia, SC: Anchor/reporter with at least five years experience who can handle newscasts that are fast-paced, visually compelling and tell in-depth enterprise stories over the air, on the Web and using mobile platforms; must understand that good television is not house fires and crime scenes, but stories that have impact on the community; must be willing to go beyond the press release to ask questions that are tough, hold officials accountable and capture emotion through creative storytelling. Producer with 3-5 years experience who can lead a fast-paced, high-story count, enterprise-reporting-oriented newscasts that is accurate and concise; must be a self-starter, able to manage multiple tasks, artfully control the flow of newscasts before and during airing, is a great writer, is a good problem-solver, has solid news judgment, thrives under deadline pressure, easily adapts to changes and breaking news has a mastery of social media tools (Facebook/Twitter/et al) and knows how to leverage their use on-air and online. Resume to the WACH-TV HR Dept., 1400 Pickens St., Columbia, SC 29201 or e-mail (5/2)

** Openings at WCSC-TV, Charleston, SC: Producer with at least one year experience n a multi-platform news operation who is a good writer, has strong leadership skills, performs well under pressure, thrives in a fast-paced environment, can create stories and video for online use, can work hard and is willing to work a flexible schedule that can include late nights, overnights, weekends and holidays. Assignment editor/producer who has the same talents, can maintain contact with outside news agencies and sources, can generate content, and can work evenings and weekends. DVD/tape and resume to Kelly Ennis, WCSC-TV, 2126 Charlie Hall Blvd., Charleston, SC 29414 or e-mail No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WHNS-TV, Greenville, SC: Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist – Job #WHNS838) with 2-3 years experience who can blend words and video into interesting and informative television news stories, possesses advanced understanding of legal and ethical issues, can assimilate information quickly, is clear and concise, can conduct interviews that are meaningful and interesting and can shoot with P2 cameras and edit on non-linear equipment; apply online at Reporter/videographer (multimedia journalist – Job #WHNS839) with the same qualifications; apply online at (5/13)

— Openings at WMBF-TV, Myrtle Beach, SC: Videographers who work well under pressure, are good video storytellers, have good news judgment, can operate a microwave and satellite truck safely and knowsP2 camera equipment and BitCentral non-linear editing or can learn them quickly; include letter stating news philosophy. Multimedia Florence bureau reporter (see listing under Florence [SC] Daily News in “newspapers.”) Tape/DVD, resume, references and a cover letter explaining your news philosophy to the WMBF-TV ND, Box 3579, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578 or e-mail No calls. (5/23)

— Openings at WSPA-TV, Spartanburg, SC: Executive producer (Job #SPA-000260) with at least six years of experience, including some in management, who is aggressive in producing creative and relevant content, is a proven leader, believes i9n viewer-advocacy journalism, is a strong writer, will help the ND plan daily coverage, assist the ND with long-term planning and special projects, will oversee line producers and will lead the editorial staff with clear, concise, urgent and active writing. Weekend morning anchor/reporter (Job #SPA-000261) who can write, edit and produce stories for daily newscast use, online and wit convergence partners and can represent the station in community events on a consistent basis; must develop contacts, display a strong working knowledge of the market, have strong writing and online skills, be a proven storyteller and have strong examples of enterprise and advocacy journalism; background with ENPS a plus. Aggressive videographer (Job #SPA-000256) with at least three years experience who is creative, can tell stories with pictures and sound, has newsroom computer experience and operate a live truck; NPPA workshop background preferred. Reporter (Job #SPA-000262) with at last four years experience who has the ability to tell a compelling story, delivers on the station’s advocacy brand, is a self-starter, can develop strong contacts and goes live smoothly. Tape and resume to the WSPA-TVHR Dept., 250 International Dr., Spartanburg, SC 29303or e-mail (5/5)

Board Minutes – 04/1996


Chicago Headline Club
Board of Directors Meeting

April 18, 1996

ATTENDED: Ed Avis, Bob Roberts, Kathy Catrambone, Ellen Shubart, Barbara Schleck, Ilyce Glink, Casey Bukro, Bob Roberts, Jerry Moore, Terry Brown, Susan Stevens. GUESTS: Chris Scott, Crain’s Chicago Business


2). WEB PAGE: Chris Scott came to the meeting to present an offer for the HC. He is teaching a course at Northwestern University about the Internet and one of the projects is to put together a home page for a nonprofit. He said the students have the talent and technical skills to get this up and running in two weeks. The class ends May 28. The students would get graded on this. Ellen Shubart asked who would maintain the Internet site after the students graduated. She noted that web pages that aren’t maintained could make us look foolish. Ed Avis thought we could publish our minutes and the Journalist. Bob Roberts thought we could publish the JobFile, but said he didn’t know anything about computers. Chris Scott said that depending how the job listings are handled that wouldn’t be a problem. Chris also said there would be no charge for the web site. Ilyce volunteered to attend the class on April 30th to start discussions with the students about what we could do.

3). NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Ellen Shubart, Kathy Catrambone and Ilyce will be on nominating committee. Janet Davies resigned from the board and we need to assess other holes we have. We will meet and come up with a slate. Ed Avis noted that we were supposed to publish the slate in last month’s Journalist. Jerry said the deadline for the next Journalist has passed but said he could get another one out in a couple of weeks.

4). LIAISONS. Ed Avis has proposed appointing liaisons from the board to work with the Gridiron committee and the Chicago Journalist. The idea emerged when talking to Gridiron producers, who feel like they’re out there by themselves. Ed said Pam, one of the Gridiron producers, has ideas about how we can make more money but thinks we should oversee the money ourselves. Ryan Ver Berkmoes was a board member, so the need to have a board member monitor the event wasn’t necessary. Gridiron is essential to the organization, but the board doesn’t have anything to do with it. The liaison will help the Gridiron people with anything they need, bring the budget to the board and oversee all operations. Bob Roberts suggested Tom LaPorte after August 30th (Democratic Convention). The board generally approved Ed’s ideas. Ellen Shubart said her secretary has been saying the Gridiron team is behind and doesn’t have a timetable. Ed Avis also said a liaison could help Jerry Moore with the Journalist budget, etc.

DAN FRIEDLANDER. Ed Avis received a letter from Dan Friedlander noting that he was retiring from his column due to pressure from Jerry Moore to reveal his sources for the column. Jerry’s position, which was backed by the board, is that Dan has been making mistakes, people have been commenting, and Jerry wanted to do some fact checking. Sue Stevens said Dan’s feelings were hurt after not being renominating for a board of directors position after 19 years on the board. Barbara Schleck noted that Dan’s a sensitive guy. “I dearly love him and he does work hard and is persistent, but he is sensitive. Nineteen years on the board is a long time.” Ilyce commented that in the 5 years she has been attending board meetings she’s never even met Dan. Ed Avis said he would write Dan a letter telling him we regret how this has ended up and asking him to help the organization in other areas. Sue Stevens offered to call him up. Ed also asked the board to come up with suggestions about who might want to take over this job in the Journalist. Ellen suggested we put a notice in the Journalist.

5). GRIDIRON: Ed said he went to opening event and there were a good amount of press people there. The producers are excellent. I’m impressed.

6). FOI. Bob Roberts reported that we’ve won 3 battles. Because of actions taken by the Chicago Headline Club and other journalist organizations, we have a meeting in Springfield to discuss how we can preserve access to death-row inmates. The IDOC wants us to propose how this can be done. We have to come up with ideas before May 7, at 11 a.m.. the meeting is open to any journalists who want to attend. Bob suggested we argue for pool access or a press conference. Barbara said she thinks inmates should be accessible at any time. Ed Avis suggested we go for total accessibility. Ellen Shubart suggested we ask Carol Marin and her producer what they want to see on the table. Casey said we should make the point that the prisoner still has the right of free speech. Ilyce proposed that the Chicago Headline Club reimburse Ed Avis for his trip to Springfield to attend the meeting. She also said we should solicit membership opinion by putting something in the journalist. The board agreed to reimburse Ed for his expenses. Bob Roberts also reported that the telephone call limitation bill is dead for the session. Nolan has told Bill Miller if it comes up again it will be written so that journalists will be exempted from ban. Any journalist can be called unless they make it clear they don’t want that call. Our third win: With regard to the overtime pay issue for broadcasters, Gary Mack told Bob that Edgar will veto the bill. The veto signing hasn’t been set, but we get invited to the ceremony. Bill Miller and David Bennett deserve the credit. A lot of people wrote in and the phone tree that we unofficially set up worked well. Barbara Schleck noted that Pate wants a permanent ban on cameras in court at the trial level. The bill is stuck in committee, as is a bill that requires taping of executive sessions, which we wanted. Jerry noted that Ed Rooney is going to send copies of his most recent column regarding the Palatine murders to members of the task force to investigate. He wants to do this on behalf of the Headline Club. The board agreed. “1968 Convention: Lessons Learned.” The program was jammed. Bob Roberts reported that everything was excellent. We had good coverage of the event.

6). LISAGOR. There were 560 entries which netted $19,000 and change. Award night is Friday, May 17th. Ellen Shubart reported that Jack Fuller was approached but has another engagement. She is going to try James Fallows. If he can’t make it, we’ll forego the speaker since we have Casey’s award, Ed’s report and the election. Alex Polikoff, executive director of BPI will be there. Cocktails are at 5:30p.m. (cash bar) and dinner is at 7 ($30 per person, or $280 for tables of 10). Send in your money to Sue Stevens at City News Bureau, 35 East Wacker, 7th Floor.

7). ETHICS. Casey Bukro reported that for the first Chicago Headline Club Ethics in Journalism Award, t here were 18 entries, 10 in print news, 4 in print commentary and 4 in broadcast. There were no entries from broadcast commentary, but the board agreed that there isn’t much commentary in broadcasting on a local level. Casey felt we were successful in getting the public to make the nominations. Those who nominated included: MacArthur Foundation, Better Government Association, BPI, and the Ounce of Prevention Fund. Ilyce suggested Casey contact those nominated and invite them to attend the dinner. Some of those nominated include Carol Marin, Mara Tapp, and Eric Zorn. Casey said he’d do it.

8). 75th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: HISTORIC SITES: Steve Rynkiewicz wrote about the conversion of the Library building. Ellen Shubart said that in the 1920s there were a dozen black newspapers circulating in Chicago. She suggested we consider doing a book about historic sites in Chicago Journalism in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary celebration.

9). DIRECTORY: Ed Avis suggested that we should print up a less fancy edition and send it out, mistakes and all. Bob Roberts said he thinks accuracy is important. The majority of the board agreed with Bob. It was the sense of the board that we shouldn’t put out something we know isn’t accurate. It was suggested we put something out at Lisagors and Gridiron that people can fill out so they will know we need corrections.

10). BUS TOUR: Coming up with a date is tough. Kathy Catrambone reported that we’re adding to the committee. The current plan is to hold the bus tour on Saturday afternoon, starting with lunch at Billy Goats. She said it may be possible to get a major theater to donate the following Monday or Tuesday night, so we can do a film. Kathy thinks we may be able to get Tim Kazurinsky or Bonnie Hunt to host the film evening. Roy Leonard wants to help. The board suggested Kathy contact Mark Norman (WMAQ), Bill Zwecker (Sun-Times) and Bob Sirott (WFLD). Ellen mentioned that the producers were trying to get Bob Sirott for the Gridiron. The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.